Thursday, March 13, 2008

Late Stocking Stuffers

Just before Christmas I posted a list of ten films that I was dying to see that I hadn't been able to find. Thanks to a loyal and friendly reader here I have just received copies of about half of them and am extremely excited. I am especially thrilled to finally have a copy of Chabrol's Alice with Sylvia Kristel, which I watched last night. I will be posting some thoughts on the film soon and sharing some screen caps from this very hard to see film...the Template pic at the top is actually a still from it.
It is always great to come across someone with like tastes who is up for sharing and trading. It frankly reminds me of the old days before torrents, downloads and such when it was just friends swapping tapes with friends because they were both drunk on cinema. Big thanks to the reader who helped me out and I hope my posts on these films prove interesting.

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