Friday, March 7, 2008

Moon In The Gutter's Snowbound ScreenCap Quiz: Anyone Up For A Challenge?

The answers are now below...Pete from The Cartoon Cave guessed the most.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
It has been many years since I have lived in an area that has had a decent snowfall. I always seem to land just below the snow line no matter where I live and don’t remember the last time I have seen more than a dusting. This proves very depressing for me each winter as I am totally in love with snow and have been since I was a child.
I think a huge part of my fascination and adoration of snow comes from my childhood when nothing, outside of Christmas morning, was more exciting than the anticipation of school getting called off due to heavy snow. It used to happen a lot more in Kentucky than it does now for whatever reason, as the state now just seems to be ground zero for horrendous amounts of freezing rain and sleet each year.
Love Story

Anyway they are calling for up to six inches tonight and that same feeling I would get as a child still strikes me, although I never really believe it anymore. The weather forecasters down here are notorious for predicting and calling off snow. I suspect that it is a deal between them and the grocery store owners, as people around here rush immediately to the store when even a dusting is predicted.
So anticipating that I will wake up tomorrow morning disappointed at a wrong forecast again here are some shots from several favorite snow scenes in films. I am obviously leaving out a lot but all of these give me that special feeling that I am not often granted in real life anymore.
Rocky Balboa

To make things interesting for anyone who feels like participating. I offer up a small prize to anyone who names the most films of the screenshots featured here (hint one is from an early music video). The prize is I will highlight your blog with a special post and pronounce you the coolest kid in class (like I said it is a small prize). Most of these are painfully obvious but I think a few will be difficult. So how many can you name? Email me your choices or leave them in the comments section (but be aware this might help out other folks) if you want to play along and help make my hopefully snowbound weekend an entertaining one.
Please Not Now

Girl Happy

Fearless Vampire Killers

Valley Of The Dolls

My Night At Mauds

The Indelicate Balance

Mississippi Mermaid

Love Story

The Heartbreak Kid

An early Abba Video

Ciao Manhattan

The Portrait Of A Lady

The X-Flies: Fight The Future

Waking The Dead

The Jacket

It's All About Love

The Fountain

Rocky Balboa


Rain said...

Hmmm...I'll give it a shot...(I'm starting after the text ends, because I wasn't sure if you were including those at the top or not, and at least two of them are also represented in the photos below...Hope I get the numbering right...)

1st - ?

2nd- "Girl Happy"

3rd - "Fearless Vampire Killers"

4th - "Valley of the Dolls"?

5th- ?

6th - ?

7th - ?

8th - "Love Story"

9th - "The Heartbreak Kid"

10th - ?

11th - ?

12th - "Portrait of the Lady"

13th - ?

14th - "Waking the Dead"

15th - ?

16th - ?

17th - ?

18th - "Rocky Balboa"

Also, it kind of gives later players unfair advantage to include guesses from others in the comments, doesn't it?

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Rain!
Good job...yea I realized that too after I posted this so I changed it and asked people to email me there responses...thanks for participating and for stopping by...much appreciated...

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks to everyone who has emailed so far...right now Pete from Cartoon Cave is winning but it's close so keep your choices coming.

Rogue Spy 007 said...

It hardly ever snows here in eastern North Carolina. We've only gotten a few big snowstorms in my lifetime. I thought I knew a lot about films, but many of these have me stomped. Maybe my mind just isn't in the right place right now. Who knows. Great idea though.

fochesatto said...

of course there are some great in there but there are some great movies missing. maybe kill bill, benjamin button and oldboy should be there.