Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Return Of The Freewheeling Moon In The Gutter

The weather was super nice this weekend so I spent a lot of town outside with my girlfriend and not a lot of time writing. I did manage to re-design the looks of my three blogs though, and I wrote an article for Harry Moseby Confidential on the shot in 1979 Tatum O’Neal film Little Darlings, if anyone cares to give it a look.
I am pretty happy with the new layout and look of each blog, especially Harry Moseby Confidential as I was able to highlight four of my great loves with its theme picture, namely Arthur Penn’s Night Moves, Gene Hackman, wine and cats. I will be occasionally changing the pictures with new screenshots and probably the colors but actually like this new template I found quite a bit. I hope the new looks prove visually pleasing and easy to use. Thanks to those who have sent emails commenting on the new designs.
Some of you also might have noticed the lack of a poll or theme this week here at Moon In The Gutter. That is purposeful on my part as I am trying to take this place back to its freewheeling beginnings where I didn’t proclaim anything in advance. I will still be doing the Overlooked Classics articles but won’t announce them in advance anymore. I’d like to make things surprising around here again so I hope the surprises prove pleasing.
Thanks again to everyone who continues to visit. I am approaching the 100,000 hits number on my counter and am really excited about it. I appreciate the continuing support and comments.

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