Friday, March 21, 2008

Snowbound Quiz Winner

A couple of weeks back I put on a quiz here that was inadvertently way too hard and I have just posted the answers in the original post for those interested.
I might do something like this again but it will be easier and on a much smaller scale...thanks to all who emailed me their choices.
Peter Emslie from Cartoon Cave ended up getting the most out of anybody so I congratulate him. I have mentioned his blog here a few times before and it is still one of my favorites. His artwork is fantastic and I always enjoy going over there and finding out whose portrait I might see. My most recent favorite by him is this amazing portrait of Gene and Roy from The French Connection. So congratulations to Pete and if you haven't visited Cartoon cave, you should as it is a really special spot.


Rogue Spy 007 said...

Sorry that I never turned in any answers. I'll be honest in that it way too hard. I had no clue. lol Congrats to the winner.

Pete Emslie said...

I must admit, there were only a few I knew off the bat, and I must give credit to IMDb for helping me in my detective work in figuring out a few more. All of the long shots were beyond me - I could only figure out the ones that had medium close-ups. (Jeremy - maybe stick to stills that at least give a fair indication of who the actors might be, like the back shots from "Rocky Balboa")

Good idea for a semi-regular feature, Jeremy. I look forward to when you might post up a new quiz!