Monday, April 14, 2008

Time Waits For No One

Of all of the songs that The Rolling Stones wrote and performed that rarely get mentioned anymore, It's Only Rock and Roll's “Time Waits For No One” is a real favorite of mine. Featuring one of Mick Jagger's most emotional lyrics and an absolute stunner of a guitar solo by Mick Taylor, this track is one of the most haunting and resonate in all of The Stones canon.
I suppose the rather slick production on display here and the self referential lyrics can be looked upon as where things went wrong musically for The Stones (if you believe they went wrong, which I don't buy) but no one can convince me that this isn't one of the most gorgeous and moving songs the Stones ever layed down.

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wardo said...

Good call -- that guitar solo, to me, is one of the best ever recorded, and trumps just about everything I've heard by Santana.