Monday, June 23, 2008

Alexandre Aja's Upcoming Mirrors

I must admit that I am a little underwhelmed by the teaser trailer of the upcoming Alexandre Aja film Mirrors but I am still extremely excited about the film as Aja is one of my favorite filmmakers who has come out of this decade.

Here is the official poster to the new film by the High Tension masterminds as well as the link to the official site and a short interview with the director.
Aja's Mirrors, a remake of Geoul Sokeuro, comes out in August and it stars the sometimes reliable Keifer Sutherland and the always great Amy Smart. Aja's next project is yet another remake, but if anyone can handle a big budget 3D Piranha it is this undeniably talented young French filmmaker.


J.D. said...

Hrm. Looks interesting. I dunno, his HIGH TENSION and his remake of THE HILLS HAVE EYES didn't "wow" me but he certainly knows his way around the camera. I just felt that the scripts he works with aren't as good as they could be. Still, it should be interesting to see what he can do with Kiefer Sutherland.

James Hansen said...

Oh man! You really don't like the teaser? I saw it in front of "The Happening" and missed Aja's name on it, but then noticed the next day and that's when it clicked why it looked so good to me. His sense of visual style is unparalleled in modern horror, and (at least for me) "Mirrors" looks like it should fit right in. Color me excited!

Rogue Spy 007 said...

Not sure what I think of the teaser. I am excited about it though. He's one of my favorite filmmakers to come out in this decade. He's done some really disturbing and fascinating work so far. I hope this one lives up to that.

J.D. said...

I guess my problem with Aja's stuff is that it seems to dwell to much on the gore and not enough on character, story, etc. If I'm not mistaken, doesn't he get lumped in with other torture porn filmmakers?

HIGH TENSION did have its moments but the "twist" ending totally ruined the film for me.

James Hansen said...

Aja does get lumped in with "torture porn" people, and I suppose he fits the mold when looking at his work, but I find that label pretty lame and pedantic. It's just a term people are using to blow off a genre they don't want to watch. Rather than ask why horror has turned into what it is now, people just label it "torture porn" as if that means there is no further discussion. Not only do I think porn deserves more analysis than that, but surely modern horror ("torture porn") does as well.

Those are my two cents, I am pretty invested in this kind of discussion... my Film Studies MA Thesis is going to be on Melodrama and/as Pornography and Pornography and/as Melodrama, and I am presenting a paper in October on America's Nuclear Future in "The Hills Have Eyes" and "Team America"...maybe that shows my fandom, but maybe it makes me more legit too!

Jeremy Richey said...

Nice to see some discussion here...I agree with J.D. that Aja perhaps hasn't had a truly great script yet but I feel visually he is one of the key directors of the decade with HIGH TENSION being one of my favorite films from the last several years. I also quite like his HILLS HAVE EYES remake although I think the whole nuclear explanation was a bit of a mistake as one of the things that made Craven's so powerful was the lack of explanation. I am also a big fan of P2 which Aja had a heavy hand in as well...
I also agree with James thoughts on the 'tortue porn' label...a tag that feels like something made up by people who don't like horror films in the first place.
Good luck on the presentation James and thanks to everyone for the lively talk here.

J.D. said...

James Hansen:

Yeah, I'm tired of the whole "torture porn" label. I think it does fit for some filmmakers (i.e. Eli Roth) but perhaps it is an unfair label on Aja's films.

You bring up some interesting points about the moniker and does seem like a quick bit of mud to sling at a film or filmmaker by lazy critics.

Good luck on presenting your paper! I dig TEAM AMERICA as well. What a great, underrated film that one is.


You nailed it right on the head with the "explanation" that ruins the remake of THE HILLS HAVE EYES for me. As you point out, what made the original so chilling and so effective is that there is no real definitive explanation as to why the mutant family is doing what they do. I wonder if perhaps the studio imposed the explanation on Aja fearing that audiences wouldn't actually think for themselves?

I haven't seen P2... how is it? The trailers look intriguing and do like Wes Bentley who really hasn't managed to capitalize on the great performance he gave in AMERICAN BEAUTY.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks J.D.
I really dug P2 although I know I am in the minority...Bentley is okay but the real star of the film is Rachel Nichols, who delivers a really smashing performance filled with a great physical presence and intensity.

J.D. said...

Hrm. Thanks for your comments on P2, maybe I'll check it out. I always thought that underground parking garages were creepy, nice to see a film capitalize on this vibe.