Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fetchin Bones' Will Have Their Revenge

I'm very proud to announce to everyone an exciting new addition to Moon In The Gutter. Over to the right I have added a "TuneWidget" that I found today over at the Official MySpace Profile page (where these pics are from as well) for Charlotte, North Carolina's mighty Fetchin Bones'. With this terrific little widget you can listen to the entire and long unavailable back catalogue by Fetchin Bones' as well as access some videos, photos and some other goodies. I'm thrilled to be able to have it here and I hope I can give this very deserving band a few new listeners.
For those who aren't aware of Fetchin Bones' here is a brief history. They were founded in the early eighties in NC and their core unit consists of Hope Nicholls, Dana Pentes and Aaron Pitkin. Other players include Gary White (on the first two records, Marc Mueller (also on the first two records), Errol Stewart (on the 2nd two records) and Clay Richardson (also on the 2nd two records). They recorded four albums in the eighties, the first three of which (Cabin Flounder, Bad Pumpkin and Galaxy 500) are absolute masterpieces to my ears. They broke up after their most commercially successful record (Monster) and reunited a year or so ago and most recently have released a new live collection (DeadBandRockin).
The band is marked by a real startling originality, brilliant songwriting and the ferociously powerhouse vocals of Hope Nicholls (one of the great unsung heroes in modern rock).
I first discovered Hope in the early nineties when I saw her at a Pigface gig at Chicago's Cabaret Metro where she gave one of the most awe inspiring and transcendent performances I have ever seen. Intrigued by this mysterious lady, I wrote her a letter and she was nice enough to correspond with me a bit which is how I caught up with her work with Fetchin Bones and her brilliant follow up band Sugarsmack.
I met Hope Nicholls just once...at a Sugarsmack gig in Nashville in the early nineties where the band gave one of the best shows I have ever seen in front of an audience of less than a dozen. She had a big impact on me in that brief meeting and to this day over fifteen years later I can still recall the energy and charisma radiating off of her...she's an extraordinary figure and her music reflects this.
So, I'm not sure how long this free widget will be offered but I hope some readers here will take advantage of it...Bad Pumpkin has never even been released on CD so being able to hear it at all again is really special...and may I suggest "Wine" off that record as a perfect introduction to this most extraordinary band. Enjoy.

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