Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mixtape Madness: A Slight Introduction to John Cale

***A continuing series of musical suggestions***

How do you take one of the most extraordinary and prolific careers in modern music and condense it down to 79 minutes? don't, but I did set myself up with the impossible task of trying to do just that with John Cale on this CD. I had to leave out any non-album tracks, including soundtrack work and b-sides, plus live material and any of his many classical compositions. I also had to leave out one of his best albums, Honi Soit, due to the fact that I don't have it on CD. So, this isn't much of an introduction but it is one killer CD.
Oh, I'm aware of the typo on "Chinese Envoy" but I kind of dug it so I left it in...


Jeremy Richey said...

My apologies to anyone who read this original post and saw that I mis-labeled Honi-Soit as Magic and Loss. Magic and Loss is of course one of Lou Reed's finest brain lapsed because I was thinking of Honi-Soit's closing track, "Magic and Lies", which caused the blunder.
It's been corrected.

Ed Howard said...

Nice. It's missing one of my favorite Cale albums though, his collaboration with Terry Riley, Church of Anthrax.

Jeremy Richey said...

Yea, I love CHURCH OF ANTHRAX as well but felt that fell in more with his classical work which I chose to leave out as it would have just been impossible to fit on one CD. That's an incredible album though as is THE ACADEMY IN PERIL which he did around the same time...thanks for the comment which directly addresses why I think these could be valuable to post...suggestions and differences! Much appreciated.