Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Director Andy Wilson Comments on my Playing God Post

Playing God
Since starting Moon in the Gutter a year and a half ago I have been contacted by several people I have written about, most of which I have kept secret since they were personal emails. However a few, such as Belinda Balaski, Jack Hill and Wendy James have taken the time to actually leave comments, which has been thrilling. Last week, director Andy Wilson was nice enough to leave some incredible notes on my tribute his film Playing God. There are some really valuable stories he relates on the making of the film, the interference it got from the studio and what it was like working with Angelina Jolie at the dawn of her career so I wanted to share the link to them so they wouldn't go unread. The comments can be read at this link and the original post can be found here. Thanks to Mr. Wilson for taking the time out of his schedule to leave these long and worthwhile thoughts. I love his film and am very honored.

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The King Of Cool said...

That is awesome. Wow. That would be so cool to actually get contacted by someone who you wrote about one of their projects.