Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Few Words for Bernie Mac

I hated to hear the news last week that Bernie Mac had passed away at such a young age, and I was sorry I was unable to post any sort of tribute. I liked and admired Bernie a lot and thought he was a terrific actor and a very funny man. I specifically love his work in the Ocean's films (my favorite being pictured above) and his scene stealing work with John Ritter (another late great) in Bad Santa is among my favorite of the decade. He was a real original and will be sorely missed...my best to his family and friends.


J.D. said...

There's a funny moment in OCEAN'S ELEVEN where Bernie is making a deal with some guy and shakes his hand and Soderbergh holds it for a couple of every so-slightly uncomfortable beats and Bernie squeezes the guy's hand HARD. Good stuff.

I also liked him in BAD SANTA, something of an underrated film.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks JD,
I know the moment you are talking about...a classic. Love BAD SANTA and I agree that it is something of an underrated film.

The King Of Cool said...

I was shocked and saddened when I heard of his passing. I could hardly believe it. I've been a fan of so much of his work. He was excellent in the Ocean movies. He will definitely be missed. R.I.P.