Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Greta Garbo Day on TCM Tomorrow

While I have failed to write on her here as of yet, Greta Garbo is one of my favorite all time actors. There was actually a period in my life when I was quite obsessed and I devoured every bit of information on her that I could.
Tomorrow Turner Classic Movies is having an impressive Garbo marathon as part of their Summer Under The Stars Month. A few of the films they are showing have amazingly enough not secured a DVD release yet and these include A Woman of Affairs (1928), The Kiss (1929), and her final film Two Faced Woman (1941).
Garbo is sorely under-represented on disc and I was hoping TCM would show some more of the unavailable titles but, that aside, the day is a splendid one and anyone who hasn't seen classics like Ninotchka (1939), Queen Christina (1933) and Flesh and the Devil (1926) should definitely tune in.


The King Of Cool said...

I've adored her since I first discovered classic films. She's always had a spell on me. She's powerful and breath-taking without having to speak a word. I do love that luscious accent of hers though.

Jeremy Richey said...

Yea, she's simply put one of the greatest figures in screen history.

audrey said...

I agree. That's why she's the one they called "Divine."
When she first came to Hollywood, and made such a big impact, people like Norma Shearer were even saying how 'Divine' this new creature was.
And so she remains in a realm of her own.