Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Isaac Hayes on YouTube and DailyMotion

I thought posting a collection of some of my favorite Isaac YouTube and DailyMotion clips was in order so here we go:

Up first we have a splendid performance of his legendary cover of Bacharach and David's "Walk On By" from 1969:

A killer live performance of another classic Bacharach-David tune, "The Look of Love" from 1973:

Another clip from 73, this time a performance of "Never Can Say Goodbye":

A spirited 1997 performance of "Don't let Go", the song which Isaac opened with when I saw him several years ago:

An incredibly rare clip of "Disco Connection":

Isacc kicking ass and taking names at Montreux a few years back with the always stunning "Shaft".

The often forgotten "Shaft 2" from the late seventies set to a terrific slide-show:

The legendary entrance at the Wattstax concert is one of the key moments in seventies cinema...this will always give me chills:

Isaac in the studio with Gordon Parks and his band creating the legendary opening for "Shaft":

Sammy Davis Jr. tackled "Shaft" in the early seventies for his terrific Now album with Isaac producing and writing additional lyrics:

A rare Roadshow Trailer for Truck Turner not included on the DVD:

The US Trailer for Three Tough Guys:

A rare French news report featuring some rare clips:

Finally, one of the best of the many memorial tributes to Isaac. This one is set to the still relevant and moving "Soulsville":

Many more are over at YouTube and Dailymotion...these are just a few favorites.


The King Of Cool said...

I can't wait to watch all those videos. Man, I didn't know that about Sammy covering Shaft. I can't wait to check that one out.

Anonymous said...

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