Saturday, October 11, 2008

Big Star in the Studio From 71 (My Mind is Blown)

I just came across this on YouTube and am blown away that it even exists. This is actual footage of the fabled Big Star in the studio circa 1971 when they were recording their first monumental LP. While I am thrilled to see the footage of a young Alex Chilton, I am even more excited to see the clips of the late Chris Bell (one of rock's great undervalued heroes). This was really thrilling to wonders how much more is sitting in the vaults somewhere. What's next, footage of The Velvets recording "Sister Ray" in 68?

For those who perhaps haven't heard Chris Bell's incredible solo album that he cut before he died tragically young, here is the title track set to a really moving fan video:


grinskeeperwillie said...

Love the blog. Have you heard that Rhino is putting together a multi cd Big Star boxset with a dvd? This footage will be part of the dvd but supposedly they have live footage of the band (post Chris Bell)too. For some reason they scored this with "Thank You Friends" when they song they are recording is "Give Me Another Chance"

Jeremy Richey said...

That's awesome...I have been hearing rumors about the set and am excited to see what is going to be on it.
I thought it was odd they used "Thank you Friends" as well as it was later...still isn't it a fabulous clip? Thanks for the comments.