Friday, November 28, 2008

The Royal Tenenbaums: Five Covers

Royal Tenenbaums 2

The Royal Tenenbaums struck a deep emotional chord in me when I saw it opening day in 2001, and it has continued to resonate since. Wes Anderson's (and Owen Wilson's) moving family story of betrayal and redemption will be near the top of my list of favorite films of the decade when I present it at the end of 2009.
I adore the inventive covers that pop up throughout the film, and since I didn't include any in yesterday's post, I thought I would present five favorites now.

Royal Tenenbaums 4

Royal Tenenbaums 5

Royal Tenenbaums 8

Royal Tenenbaums 11


Samuel Wilson said...

You'll be correct to put Tenenbaums on a best-of-the-decade list. In my view it's between that and Shaun of the Dead for best comedy of that period, and Life Aquatic would also be on the short list.

Kotto said...

what i love about wes is his attention to detail. these covers are just a few examples.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Samuel,
I hope you saw my previous post highlighting Shaun as one of the best of the decade, which it absolutely is.

Thanks Kotto,
He has a remarkable eye for detail doesn't he. I love these covers, especially the 'Meltdown' one...thanks again to you both.

Aaron Lee said...

Yeah, "Meltdown," hahaha... I love the use of that image in the movie as the punchline to Margot's past (talk about a thousand words!). How many late-night DVD viewings of this film have I had over the past five years? There was a period where I'd see it was in the player and say "Ah, what the hell, one more time."

I'm surprised I haven't seen you write anything on "Synecdoche, New York" yet. It exhausted me and knocked me out.

Kotto said...

my blog partner wrote a good one on synecdoche:

i gotta see it.

J.D. said...

I think that the SPORTS ILLUSTRATED cover is my fave. I also love the little excerpt of the game that plays in the film. That makes me laugh every time.