Saturday, November 1, 2008

Those Seventies Horror Remakes (Poll Results)

Hills have Eyes

Thanks to everyone who voted this past week. No real surprises here (except for the fact that The Wicker Man remake actually has 6 fans). For what it's worth, Aja's The Hills Have Eyes remake is my favorite among these as well. Despite some unnecessary over-explaining, I find the film extremely effective and think it improves with each viewing. I obviously like The Amityville Horror remake more than most, and can take or leave Willard, but otherwise I think these results accurately reflect the merits of each film (I have yet to see the Sisters remake yet, but it's on my list).

Here are the results:

1. THE HILLS HAVE EYES: 35 (46%)

2. DAWN OF THE DEAD: 30 (39%)

3. WILLARD: 26 (34%)

4. HALLOWEEN: 19 (25%)



7. BLACK CHRISTMAS: 10 (13%)

8. THE OMEN: 6 (7%)

9. SISTERS: 6 (7%)

10. THE WICKER MAN: 6 (7%)


James Hansen said...

Hoorah. My two choices are first and second place. I actually haven't seen most of these but certainly don't think the ones I have are as bad as some people say. I really hated the TEXAS CHAINSAW remake, but I like bits of THE OMEN and even THE WICKER MAN (although it is by no means "good"...I think Labute's gender issues thrown in are kind of interesting...not done very well, but interesting anyways.)

Lastyear said...

The first three were my first three choices. I was surprised to see Halloween so high. I thought it was just dreadful.

Keith said...

I was happy with the order these came down in. I really enjoyed Hills and Dawn very much. Two of my favorite of the remakes out there.

Will Errickson said...

What? I had no idea Sisters had been remade! And with Chloe Sevigny?!

Missed the poll, but agree with the top two winners--the opening of the Dawn remake stands as a pinnacle in zombie movies.