Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Twenty Actresses Meme Redux (An Alternate List)

Sharon Tate

Even though it was supposed to have just been in fun, I must admit that I don't think I have ever been unhappier with a post as I was with the twenty actresses meme I posted earlier this week. By attempting to make it easier on myself by making the selections post 1970 actresses only, I kind of shot myself in the foot. While I was really happy to highlight a few actors I hadn't here before like Charlize Theron, the post finally just doesn't feel much like a Moon in the Gutter entry (don't ask me what that is). So, while it wasn't asked for I have decided to create an alternate list of sorts highlighting twenty favorites that were working before actual 'favorites' list would most likely be a combination of this and the last one. Once again, thanks to Flickhead for tagging me and to The Film Experience for starting the meme.

Laura Antonelli:

Laura Antonelli

Anouk Aimee:

Tine Aumont:


Brigitte Bardot:


Florinda Bolkan:

Francoise Dorleac:

Francoise Dorleac Pictures, Images and Photos

Marie Dubois:

Edwige Fenech:

Edwige Fenech Pictures, Images and Photos

Greta Garbo:

Greta Garbo Pictures, Images and Photos

Claude Jade:

Claude Jade

Carole Lombard:

carole lombard cat Pictures, Images and Photos

Soledad Miranda:

Marilyn Monroe:

Kim Novak:

Kim Novak Pictures, Images and Photos

Stefania Sandrelli:


Sharon Tate:

Monica Vitti:

Tuesday Weld:

Carol White:

Natalie Wood:


Lastyear said...

This list could go on forever. No Barbara Hershey, Louise Brooks,Fanny Ardant.

Tim Lucas said...

God! That picture of Claude makes my eyes smart!

But somewhere she is laughing and clapping...

Kotto said...

i couldn't resist crashing your party. hope i didn't step on any toes with my self invite:

Keith said...

Hey Jeremy. Great list! I'm a big fan of these actresses. You posted some really nice pictures of them as well.

Tony Dayoub said...

Soledad. Not a great actress but what a sexy one.

Jeremy Richey said...

I know it could Last Year which is why there won;t be a third one. It would eventually drive me crazy! I almost featured Brooks on this on and of course Hershey and Ardant are worthy as well.

Thanks Tim,
I remember when I first started Moon in the Gutter how hard it was to find pics of Claude online. Thankfully that is changing. I am always happy to celebrate her here anyway I can.

Kotto, I am getting ready to head over and check your list...

Thanks Keith,
I dug yours as well and figured we would have some overlaps.

Thanks Tony,
Soledad was just sublime...I always considered a solid and inventive actress as well, especially in those incredible films she shot with Franco. Perhaps not a traditionally 'great' actress but honestly I'll take her work in those films over most of the award winning performances of teh period.

Matthew said...

Where is Claudia Cardinale? Where is Merle Oberon? For shame...

Jeremy Richey said...

Hey Matthew,
Claudia was one of my choices but I kept having to get it down to just 20. There are so many others i would have liked to really could go on forver. I have a feeling a meme for the men will be coming soon so I can pull my hair out again.

Cinebeats said...

I can't believe I forgot Florinda Balkin on my own list! I love her and it's great to see her celebrated in your never ending list of lists, Jeremy.

I'm really surprised we don't have more then 5 in common out of your 40 selections, but it was interesting to see your picks. It's also great to see Anouk Aimee, Tina Aumont, Stefania Sandrelli and Soledad Miranda mentioned since they'd be on a longer list if I made one.

Lovely images btw.

And I hope you're wrong about this turning into a 20 Favorite actor meme. I hate these things and I love twice as many actors as I do actresses (what can I say, I like men!) and I think I'd have a brain hemorrhage while trying to narrow down all my favorite actors to a list of only 20.

MovieMan0283 said...

I just did this list; we've got six overlaps (including one that I don't think is on many lists, but should be - incidentally, while googling photos I came across many from your blog).

Great photos, by the way. I really like the Marilyn one for some reason.