Friday, January 2, 2009

Thanks Everyone

Mazzy Star at my old digs earlier this year.

I wanted to let everyone know that my move went fine, and I appreciate all the nice words, emails, comments and so forth. It was exhausting but I am loving my new pad and, while I am still unpacking, I am getting close to being completely settled in. My beloved cat Mazzy Star is feeling good as well, and he is loving his new views outside the windows in the living room and bedroom. I hope everyone has a great new year and Moon in the Gutter will be rocking again very soon.


Ed Howard said...

That is one awesome cat. Glad the move went well, Jeremy!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Ed,
Mazzy's the brains and spirit behind the scenes here...17 pounds of sheer awesomeness. Thanks!

Tim Lucas said...

Welcome home, Jeremy!

Brandon Colvin said...

Sad to see you leave BG, but I hope you find happiness in your new digs.

Always the best, my friend.

Steve Langton said...

Nice kitty! Glad to read your move went well. Health and happiness in your new home.

Neil Sarver said...

I'm glad the move went well. I hope things continue well and I look forward to more posting.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks so much Tim,
That's exactly what it feels like. I have a really good feeling about the move and the upcoming year.

Thanks Brandon,
I appreciate all your support and friendship.

Thanks Steve,
I love my cat and he is loving the praise here!

Thanks Neil,
I appreciate that and I hope I can keep things interesting around here.

Keith said...

Hey Jeremy. Congrats. Glad the move went well. Good luck with everything. I became an uncle on Jan. 2. I'm very thrilled about that. I've got a very cute nephew. Cheers!

Guillaume said...

Congrats Jeremy!
Your cat is cute...i love cats!!!
And happy New Year to you!

J.D. said...

Nice shot of yer cat, Jeremy. As a fellow cat lover/owner, I can certainly appreciate how important they become in your life, like another member of your family.