Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Jim McBride Series at Anthology Film Archives


I was thrilled recently to discover (courtesy of James over at Out 1 that Anthology Film Archives in New York is using a quote from my look at Jim McBride's Breathless (1983) to promote their upcoming showing of the film later this month. I was particularly happy about this as the group is extremely well regarded and important, and my article on the film is one of my favorite things I have written here. The full listing for Pictures from Life's Many Sides: The Films of Jim Mcbride can be read here, and for those interested here is the little blurb they are using to promote Breathless:

by Jim McBride
1983, 101 minutes, 35mm.
“Critics and film buffs in 1982 were positively flabbergasted when Jim McBride announced that he was going to remake Jean-Luc Godard’s incredibly influential BREATHLESS…. McBride’s BREATHLESS plays like a compulsive and flashy pop art piece; one that you stare at for a while trying to figure out whether or not it is actually art or just something hanging on the wall. With its whirlwind pace, Jack Nitzsche score and stunning splashes of sun stroked Los Angeles color, BREATHLESS is undeniably fun and exciting…. Not at all dated, it now plays as one of the most progressive and seminal films of the 1980s.” –Jeremy Richey, THE AMPLIFIER-

Thanks to James at Out 1 for alerting me to this, and a big thanks to Anthology Film Archives for reading and finding some value in my look at McBride's Breathless, a film I have been very passionate about since I first saw it as a teenager in the eighties. I wish I could be there for their McBride festival, which includes as a guest another one of my favorite directors, Jonathan Demme.


James Hansen said...

Glad to be the watchdog for this Jeremy! I was excited to see your name on there! If anyone wants to read the full press release that has some easier to find descriptions of the films (I've always thought Anthology's site is a little difficult to navigate through) see the link below. And even if you don't wanna see it, don't forget to come hang at Out 1!


James Hansen said...

Oh, and I'm not sure what link you included for Out 1 in this post, but its a touch messed up/broken. Everyone here follows us anyways, I'm sure, but in case someone doesn't, ya might wanna fix it if'n ya don't mind. :)

Jeremy Richey said...

Hey James,
Sorry about the screw up with teh link. It should be working now. Thanks again...