Sunday, May 10, 2009

The David Johansen Group Lives at Harry Moseby Confidential

Taking a place high among my all time favorite albums, David Johansen’s heroic 1978 self-titled debut LP is one of rock music’s great-unknown treasures. Recorded just a few years after the disbanding of the legendary New York Dolls, Johansen’s first LP is a moving razor sharp exercise in attitude, wit, style and heart. Made up of nine songs that are all gems, with special note going to the audaciously hip "Funky But Chic", the elegiac "Donna", the epic "Lonely Tenement" and the stunning "Frenchette" a song that now sounds like the summation of an entire generation of New York musicians, David Johansen is a phenomenal record from a guy who has still yet to get his due as one of rock’s greatest lyricists and front men. Despite being hailed as a major masterpiece by everyone from Rolling Stone to Lester Bangs, the first David Johansen album failed to sell and it is currently out of print on CD, a sad fate for such an important work.
I am very happy to announce that I have uploaded some very special clips over at Harry Moseby Confidential that fans of Johansen, the New York Dolls or New York Punk in general should check out. Recorded on German’s famed Musikladen program in the late seventies, the near thirty minute David Johansen band segment I have uploaded is scorching stuff and finds him performing songs from that first LP, some Dolls chestnuts and a cover or two. It’s long been one of my favorite videos in my collection and I am proud to present it over at Moseby, as I believe my version is better quality than the one that has appeared online before. I will upload it eventually to YouTube, but for now it is a Moseby exclusive. Stop over and give the show a look, it is incredible.


Keith said...

I've heard of this album. I've seen some really good feedback on it. I've never listened to it myself before.

Will Errickson said...

Jeremy, this album *is* currently available on CD! I reviewed it last year on my blog:

Can't wait to watch these videos. Thanks!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Keith, It's killer and I hope you will check it out.

Hey Will,
Thanks so much. I am thrilled to hear it is still in print. I am going to head on over and check out your post. Hope you enjoyed the clips.