Friday, May 8, 2009

Sophie Marceau Interview (A Moon in the Gutter YouTube Upload)

I used to have hundreds of interviews and other rare clips that I collected on VHS back in the day. Unfortunately time has a way of making things disappear so my collection has dwindled to say the least. Fortunately I still have a few goodies stashed away, some of which actually haven't appeared online yet to my knowledge. In the hope that they won't get immediately removed by the powers that be, I thought I would upload some of my favorites.
Here is an interview with French icon Sophie Marceau from the mid nineties from a certain popular American talk show. It's an entertaining seven minutes to say the least with some tension between the two (I think due more to a language and perhaps humor barrier than anything else), some laughs and even a mention of Moon in the Gutter favorite Andrzej Zulawski, Marceau's main companion and collaborator at the time.
Sophie's a favorite and this interview is quite rare. I hope it proves enjoyable...more are to come.

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