Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Frankfort and Film

Frankfort and Film 1

Over the weekend I was fortunate enough to visit a new exhibit in my favorite town of Frankfort, Ky. The exhibit, put together and hosted by the beautiful Capital City Museum, is focused on Frankfort and Film and it was quite a treat to see.
Opening on Johnny Depp's birthday, with Depp's uncle in attendance, the exhibit takes you though Frankfort's many connections with the film world with several displays, vintage materials, photographs, and posters.

Depp 1

Kentucky native Depp himself is paid tribute to with with one display, with the highlight being vintage photographs of the two Frankfort homes he lived with his family growing up. Also pictured is the Holiday Inn in Frankfort where his mother worked.

Depp Homes

Arizona Days

Frankfort born Bob Custer is also honored with several displays and one of his films, Arizona Days, plays continuously throughout the tour.

Custer's Guns

The Great Race 1

Of the many films that have been shot in, near and around Frankfort, one of the most high profile ones remains 1965's terrifically engaging The Great Race, a picture that starred Jack Lemmon, Natalie Wood and Tony Curtis. Several behind the scenes photographs are on display, including one candid of Curtis in Frankfort.

Tony Curtis on the set of The Great Race

The exhibit also highlights several celebrity visits to Frankfort with this shot of Beverly Adams (Lovey Kravezit from the Dean Martin Martin Matt Helm films) being a favorite.


Perhaps the best part of the exhibit was the celebration of Frankfort's cinemas over the years, most of which are sadly now closed. The photos and posters on display celebrate many of the films that have played in Frankfort over the years, as well as highlighting some of the special events that have gone along with them.

Vintage Flyer

She Devil

Twin Cinemas

Vintage Flyer 2


Vintage Frankfort

My favorite photo on display was this terrific picture of a snowbound Frankfort evening in 1976 when King Kong was the featured film. I have spoken on my fondness for the much maligned 76 Kong here before, and this picture really took me back as this was the first period I lived in Frankfort, the only town I have ever completely felt at home in.

King Kong 76 in Frankfort

The Frankfort and Film Exhibit was very entertaining and informative, and anyone near Frankfort should check it out. It is small but a lot of love and hard work was obviously put into it. Here is a link to the Capital City Museum's Web Site for more information.

Frankfort and Film


On a separate note...I was very sad to see that Frankfort's last great video store had finally closed its doors. Along with the much missed Video Daves, which I have written on here before, this Movie Warehouse was the last video store in Frankfort that held onto their old catalogue section. And what a section it was, I can't tell you how many older treasures I found on those dusty shelves. Everything from the long lost cuts of European Horror Films, to forgotten out of print American works could be found for a dollar a piece. Seeing the store closed down was extremely sad for me, as I hoped it would still be in operation for my return to Frankfort down the road...it really was the Last Chance Video store for miles and it will be missed.


On a brighter note...as some things disappear, others return:


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