Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Quick Note on Comments

I've had a couple of folks ask me why I starting enabling comment moderation recently so I thought I would address it more clearly here. Moon in the Gutter started to get a number of spam type comments (you know automated replies linking to everything from cheap gold watches to free sex advice) just past the turn of the year and I was frankly just getting tired of having to go back and delete them as they appeared, which is why I changed the commenting format. So, rest assured if you have something legitimate to say (everything from 'this post is great' to 'Jeremy you're an idiot') on what I am posting it will be published, and I apologize for having to put the moderation device in place. On a brighter note, adding the moderation feature has allowed me to now accept comments from anyone, including anonymous uses so you know longer have to have a Google account to comment. Finally, I know a couple of folks were having problems with the pop-up comment box on their computer and I have fixed that, so now an entire new screen will open if you want to leave your thoughts. Thanks to the folks that asked, thanks to everyone who comments (I do love and value them, even when I don't respond due to time) and thanks for the continuing support...

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