Friday, June 12, 2009

The Rick Nelson Project (Moon in the Gutter Video Uploads)

One of my favorite pieces I have ever written here remains this early one on the extraordinary life and career of Ricky Nelson, or Rick as I prefer to call him. Rick remains one of my favorite singers and songwriters, as well as one of rock's most influential and sadly under appreciated figures. I have many rare clips of Rick in my video collection, and recently I have started to Upload these to YouTube to share them with other fans who perhaps haven't had the opportunity to see them. Hopefully they won't get removed and I hope they bring as much joy to folks who haven't seen them as they have to me. Here are the first five I have posted with more to come:

Here is a clip from the mid-sixties of Rick on The Mike Douglas Show performing "Walking Down the Line." Keep a look out for brother David making a funny appearance during the song. A brief interview follows the first song, as well as a charming performance of "Time After Time".

One of my favorite clips of Rick is this ultra-rare video of his 1967 track "Promises" color and a potent reminder of one of Rick's strangest and most challenging periods:

A mind-blower from The Johnny Cash Show of Rick kicking out the jams with "Come on In", one of the key tracks from his Stone Canyon band period in the late sixties:

A rare video from one of the legendary comeback shows Rick performed with the just formed Stone Canyon Band in 1969. Rick is at the top of his game here, and I love the behind the scenes footage of him in these clips:

Live at The Bitter End, here is Rick singing one of his legendary fifties tracks, the peerless Fats track "I'm Walking":


Matt Howl said...

I wear a Rick Nelson patch on my jacket and am often want to proclaim his greatness. Mostly to deaf ears. But then sometimes that's exactly what makes it feel special. Other times it's nice to see someone else (with your impeccable taste no less) who shares the same appreciation.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks so much Matt, I always love hearing from other Rick fans. I hope you enjoy the other clips I have coming and I am envious of your patch! Thanks again...

Anonymous said...

Jeremy, these bring a smile to my face. Please keep up your music reviews. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Great clips--thanks so much for those.

Is "I'm Walking" a lip sync--sounds to identical to the live album track.

That's Randy Meisner on bass, yes? Is Tom Brumley not seen in the clip?