Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Rick Nelson Project Post 2 (Moon in the Gutter Video Uploads)

Here is the next batch:

A video with some beautiful footage of Rick performing "Everybody's Talking", Harry Nilsson's haunting theme from Midnight Cowboy:

One of my favorite Rick performances is him covering Tim Hardin's eerie Heroin ode "Red Balloon". Here is a rare live clip of Rick performing it:

Rick came into his own as a songwriter in the late sixties. Here is on of his most powerful songs:

"Easy to be Free" is probably Rick's greatest songwriting moment, or at least it falls in the top five. Here is a haunting clip of him doing one of his greatest and most resonate tracks:

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Matt Howl said...

If I can keep up this love fest for another minute, let me say great second set of clips! That last longer piece from the JC show is amazing. Awesome stuff as usual.

I found your sites via Harry Moseby (I'm a huge fan of Night Moves) and happily realized I'm not the only one on the Goodis/noir/Rollin/etcetc tip. Plus Elvis! I rode my motorcycle to Graceland a few Augusts ago. Your sites are some of my regular stops. Thank you!