Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Two (Very Colorful) Recommendations

I just wanted to take a moment and recommend two vastly different but equally valuable new releases. The always exciting British company Second Run DVD has just released Věra Chytilová’s wonderfully colorful and quite ingenious 1966 film Daisies on disc, and in a year filled with great archival releases this is one of the best. This extremely important Czech film from the sixties is said to have never looked better and the disc features several very inviting extras. More information can be found here as well as a trailer for those interested.

Also, the newly released Easy Virtue is an absolute charmer and I wanted to make special mention of how much I enjoyed it. One of the best big screen films of the year, this Noel Coward adaptation from director Stephan Elliott is very funny, quite ingenious and extremely moving. It also contains one of the best performances of the year in Jessica Biel's career making turn as Larita, the liberated American who causes much needed havoc on the extremely stuffy British family she marries into. The talented Biel has been the best part of mostly bad movies for years now, so I was thrilled to see her land such a completely winning and fully realized role in such a terrific film. So, do yourself a favor and skip the atrocious new Taking of Pelham 123 and see Easy Virtue instead if it is playing anywhere near you. Here is a video promoting the very musical film, featuring Jessica singing, that is really charming just by itself.

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Bob Turnbull said...

I wrote about Daisies a few months ago and thought it was great - in a fun absurdist kind of way. Chytilova sure snuck some pointed barbs within that though. Part of me thinks it shouldn't be made to look better - experimental films always seem to have this old look to them for me - but then I think about how great all those colours would look...I think you may have sold me on this new version...