Saturday, July 25, 2009

I Am Moon in the Gutter's David Fincher Film Poll Announcement

THE POLL: Choose Your Two Favorite Films From One of America's Most
Discussed, Debated and Disagreed On Directors of the Past Two

THE REASON: The Upcoming Tenth Anniversary of Fight Club.

THE TIME: More Than One Week and Less Than Two.


James Hansen said...

Fun poll. Fincher is so hit or miss for me, but I should really see some of them again. I LOVE Zodiac, like Seven a lot (I think), and actually think the Alien 3 Directors Cut is good. I haven't seen The Game in so long...hard to remember. And I'm anti-Fight Club, but whatever. :)

Look forward to the results of this one. Could have some interesting results!

Chuck Williamson said...

For me, ZODIAC is -- and always will be -- David Fincher's masterpiece. Far and away his best film.

And I also had to give a shout-out to SE7EN, which might be one of the first films I saw that really started up my long love affair with cinema (true story: I saw this with my grandmother when it was first released in theaters).

I wish I could give a revisionist opinion on BENJAMIN BUTTON that extols its high status amongst Fincher's oeuvre, but... um... I can't, unfortunately.

So those are my votes. Crossing my fingers that they win.

Keith said...

I just voted. I voted for Seven and Fight Club.

J.D. said...

This is easier than I thought and I went with FIGHT CLUB and ZODIAC. Stone cold classics. Altho, I was tempted to vote for THE GAME, such an underrated gem of a film.

Ceasetodream said...

I really think The Gamne is severely underrated, it's a total package held together by the man, David Fincher.

You should do a bonus poll on title sequences from Fincher movies as well...I think Panic Room would win that one (another great Fincher film that doesn't have too many fans)

Steve Langton said...

The only Fincher film I've really disliked is Panic Room. Haven't seen Button yet, as I missed it at the cinema and the DVD is so damn elusive on my rental list. I voted for Fight Club and Zodiac. I've long held the former to be a classic. It's literrally hard-hitting and scarily reminiscent of the clandestine encounters plotted by football hooligans over here. Zodiac is, I think, his best, bolstered by some wonderful performances. Also share some of my fellow bloggers regard for The Game.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks everyone for the comments regarding the Fincher poll. It's been great to read what everyone's favorites are...I will give up the ghost on mine sometime in the next week or so. Thanks again and vote away!

Yaeli said...

voted for ZODIAC and SEVEN.

I grew tired of FIGHT CLUB somewhere along the way. I still enjoy watching reruns of THE GAME, but in both films, for me, the feeling of being manipulated is too prominent.

ZODIAC is so restrained in that aspect. And I always had a thing for the finale of SEVEN - it's like a general contemplation on movie endings.

Haven't seen BENJAMN BUTTON yet.