Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Kate Beringer Factor

Recently a reader emailed a nice note complimenting me on the different screenshots I use here each week as Moon in the Gutter's banners. In the note they asked me if I had a particular favorite...a question I hadn't considered before but one that I could easily answer:

I can't completely specify what it is that I love so much about this particular shot I used a few months back. Certainly I have used pics from better films than John Carpenter's CHRISTINE and with better actors that Kelly Preston, but I just like this one the best. It strikes a chord with me, just like Preston's small role in the film does. I have frankly always wished she played the lead girl in CHRISTINE, as I think it would have been an even stronger film than it already is. Anyway, the question got me thinking about some of the past templates I have used here and, since I am struggling a bit writing right now, I thought I would indulge myself and do a sort of 'best of' post.
Actually, One of my favorite things to do here at Moon in the Gutter is picking out the screenshot each week for the top Template. I think if anything comes close to really defining Moon in the Gutter then it is probably these pictures. The process is the same each week...I pull out a favorite film (or a film with a favorite actor) depending on my mood and scan through it searching for what I hope will prove to be an ideal entry way into this little world I have created. After I pick it out Kelley (my girlfriend) sits down and designs the font type and colors that go along with it. It's a short process we go through every weekend that we really get a kick out of, as it is a great way to express whatever mood I am in, highlight Kelley's incredible design skills, and pay tribute to some of my favorite films and actors.
I have unfortunately not saved all of the template designs I have posted here (some of the early ones have been lost) but I do have most and have set up a photo gallery at Facebook for them. So, here are ten additional favorites from the past year or so. I hope they have proved a nice little visual introduction to Moon in the Gutter each week...and I hope future ones do the same.

Friends will know that I love me some BOOGIE NIGHTS...some might argue that I am a bit obsessed by Paul Thomas Anderson's epic film...so I love each one of the template pics I have used from it with this being the best:

Brian De Palma is probably my favorite American director and BLOW OUT is my favorite film from him, so this rather devastating shot of Travolta has to be counted among the best I have presented here:

Abel Ferrara is another on of my favorite American directors and I love this shot of the much missed Zoe Tamerlis Lund from MS 45:

I always love celebrating sometimes-maligned films from my childhood and teenage years...plus I love theme weeks so this little special Halloween template from Wes Craven's DEADLY FRIEND starring Kristy Swanson had special significannce:

Maybe there has been a finer last shot than this one from Michael Mann's HEAT from the past couple of decades but I will be damned if I can think of one, so this seemed like an easy choice:

I love highlighting great under the radar films and performances here and this shot of Season Hubley in Paul Schrader's HARDCORE nicely filled both qualifications:

I love surprising folks here and keeping things unpredictable (hence this weeks shot of the terrific Rachel McAdams from WEDDING CRASHERS) and I know this shot of Chevy Chase from FLETCH caught some folks off guard:

For sheer visual awesomeness, I'm still excited about this pivotal moment of The Who in THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT:

The hardest still I have ever captured here turned out to be this blink and miss moment of Jeff Goldblum and Michelle Pfeiffer in John Landis' wonderful INTO THE NIGHT. It was hard as hell to get a clear shot of this for some reason, and a little blurriness is still apparent but I still dig it:

Finally, never was I more disheartened by the end of holiday season than I was a couple of years ago when I had to remove this shot of lovely Phoebe Cates' Kate Beringer from Joe Dante's GREMLINS. I loved it so much I was tempted to pretend it was the holiday season for months after:

Thanks again to Kelley for making this such a visually pleasing spot each week and for everyone reading for the continuing support. I will keep kicking out the jams here to the best of my ability...


J.D. said...

I always dig the stills you find for your blog banner and it inspired me to do the same with mine.

Loved the FLETCH and HEAT ones, btw.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks JD,
I really dig yours as well. My favorite you had was probably that shot of Kate in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

J.D. said...

Thanks, Jeremy! Yeah, any excuse to post a pic of the lovely Kate Winslet. ; )