Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Kim Morgan on Punch Drunk Love

Kim Morgan has written a very nice piece on Paul Thomas Anderson's Punch Drunk Love that I wanted to link up to here. I frankly pretty much love everything Kim writes enough to link up to here, but I find this one to be particularly special as I think the film is so extraordinary (and sadly often overlooked). Kim's wonderful article also serves as a terrific defence of Adam Sandler (she even gives a shout out to the quite special Spanglish, an unfairly maligned work from James L. Brooks.) I'm currently working on a piece on Magnolia for an outside project, and I can tell you that Paul Thomas Anderson's films aren't easy to write on, especially for people like myself that are incredibly moved by them. Kim's piece is one of the best on one of his pictures I have read and I highly recommend it.
My own little past celebration of Punch Drunk Love can be viewed here for those interested.


J.D. said...

Yeah, PUNCH-DRUNK is an incredible film and really showed that Adam Sandler had some serious acting chops.

I also really enjoyed Kim Morgan's article, esp., as you point out, giving a shout-out to the under-appreciated SPANGLISH, which I also love dearly.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks JD,
Kim's passionate writing always leaves me slightly in awe. I thought this was a really smashing piece on an important film...plus, we can now add another Spanglish fan to the list! I still don't understand the critical pounding that film took.