Saturday, July 25, 2009

A Recommendation


James Hansen said...

Agreed. Just posted my review at Out 1. Feel free to swing by!

Jeremy Richey said...

Awesome James...I enjoyed the article and am glad you enjoyed it as well. Thanks for adding the link...

rynn said...

Wow. I love the site, Jeremy, but I continue to be dumbfounded by some critics praising this loathsome film. What bothered me is that it pretends to be more than it is. Sure, it's technically well-made and some of the performances are impressive despite the material they're working with. This does not hide the fact that this film is creatively and morally bankrupt. What's curious, though, is that what's bad about the movie (e.g. bad dialogue, cliche-ridden script, hilariously unsubtle "scare" tactics, and the outlandish twist ending) should work in its favor on a camp, shits and giggle level. Yet the film makers are so hell bent on being "disturbing" they don't care what they have to do to illicit a response, and that includes dragging children into the mix. It all reeks of desperation and come across as sleazy. In the end, the film is alternately tedious and depressing - a dubious combination.

BTW, in regards to the killer who is not quite dead... Go to the At the Movies website, look up the "Sleeping with the Enemy", and listen to the late Gene Siskel's take on this worn out device.

Having said all that, I still love the site. Keep up the great work!

Jeremy Richey said...

Hey Rynn,
Thanks for the comments and I am sorry about the delay in responding. I always welcome different opinions here so I appreciate you leaving them.

In regards to ORPHAN...I'm not in love with the film, and I admit it has its problems, so I wasn't inclined to try and write on it (maybe I will with the DVD) but I thought it was a much more succesful chiller than say the dreadful UNBORN, UNINVITED or HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT from earlier this year, which is why I recommended it.

I actually agree with you on a couple of things...the ending of the film is weak and extremely tired and I am aware that bad horror cliches can be found throughout. The snowy atmosphere of the film, the great lead performances and the fact that there is something absolutely perverse about the twist all helped make the film a success, if perhaps a minor one, for me. I don't think it is a great film, but I consider it a succesful one for the most part in what it is trying to do.

As for it being 'morally bankrupt', I just didn't get that. I know it is a tricky thing whenever there are children involved, but to me the film just felt like an extension of 'evil kid' films including everything from THE BAD SEED to THE OMEN to THE GOOD SON. I didn't get the sense that the film was attempting any kind of message, it just felt like it was trying to work as a horror film. Of course, I am someone who rarely gets hung up regarding morality and art, but I can say that if I did consider any film this year to be 'morally bankrupt' then it would probably have the tag, "Directed by Michael Bay" on it.

Anyway, I appreciate the nice thoughts again on the blog and I hope you will keep visiting...differences are good and keep things interesting. Thanks again for your comments.