Thursday, July 9, 2009

You Are A Great Read

Keith over at the incredible The Dino Lounge: Coolness is Timeless spot has been kind enough to present Moon in the Gutter with this blog award going around, You Are A Great Read. Keith has been a great friend to all my work in the past few years, and his two blogs (Sugar and Spice is the other) are so terrific. They also get more comments than any two stops I have ever seen. It is really impressive. Anyway, thanks again to Keith and since I don't have any idea who has received this award as of yet, I will just throw out five favorites that I never tire of reading (although there are many more, so don't feel at all slighted if I don't name you this time):

Cinema Becomes Her

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Made For TV Mayhem

Radiator Heaven

Staci Layne Wilson

Also, my special lady Kelley has recently opened up her own spot to celebrate some of her favorite things in cinema and art that I would like to invite everyone to visit. It's quite a beautiful site and even if she wasn't my number one girl I would visit it frequently, so she can consider herself now officially awarded.


Amanda By Night said...

Oh My Gosh, Jeremy, thank you so much for mentioning my blog on this list. I am honored and touched and proud to have been placed on your list.

Keith said...

Hey Jeremy. You are very welcome. Your blog deserved this award. I love reading all your blogs. You post such insightful things. I always love the pictures. Thanks for your kind words about my blogs. I'm glad you enjoy them. Take care. Good luck with everything. Cheers!

J.D. said...

Thanks for the kudos, Jeremy! It is much appreciated, my friend!

Jeremy Richey said...

No problem Amanda and JD,
I absolutely love what you two do. Please keep up the great work.

And thanks Keith for the wonderful honor and you keep up the terrific work as well.

Bob Turnbull said...

This is how on top of things I am of late...I just noticed this.

Thank you Jeremy - I really consider it an honour coming from you.

Now you're forcing me to get back into a regular posting schedule...

Bob Turnbull said...

Small correction though (and I just noticed this after posting my previous comment) - the blog title has Logical in it, not Spotless.

I've done it myself by the way - I've called my blog the film title many times and other people have to remind me.

Thanks again...