Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ten Years of Performances that Rocked, Shocked and Shook Me To My Core: Post Two (The Actresses)

Here are my favorite big-screen performances (actresses) from 2000-2009. This list was a bit harder to put together than the actors list for the simple reason that, in my estimation, there were more quality performances to choose from. This list is also a bit more varied with everything from award winning dramatic transformations (Charlize Theron in Monster) to sparkling overlooked comedic performances (Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30). I will be continuing my end of the decade celebration in the next day or so with my favorite soundtracks from the past ten years.

1. Kate Winslet in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

2. Scarlett Johansson in Lost in Translation

3. Paz Vega in Sex and Lucia

4. Rachel Weisz in The Shape of Things

5. Naomi Watts in King Kong

6. Jennifer Connelly in The House of Sand and Fog

7. Marina De Van in In My Skin

8. Mélanie Laurent in Inglourious Basterds

9. Gretchen Mol in The Notorious Bettie Page

10. Natalie Portman in Closer

11. Katie Holmes in Pieces of April

12. Virginia Madsen in Sideways

13. Amy Adams in Sunshine Cleaning

14. Carey Mulligan in An Education

15. Kirsten Dunst in Maria Antoinette

16. Anne Hathaway in Rachel Getting Married

17. Bjork in Dancer in the Dark

18. Franka Potente in The Princess and the Warrior

19. Asia Argento in The Last Mistress

20. Nicole Kidman in Birth

21. Charlize Theron in Monster

22. Jennifer Garner in 13 Going on 30

23. Kate Beckinsale in Snow Angels

24. Audrey Tautou in Dirty Pretty Things

25. Angela Bettis in May

26. Laura Ramsey in The Ruins

27. Cecile De France in High Tension

28. Diane Lane in Unfaithful

29. Julie Delpy in Before Sunset

30. Drew Barrymore in Fifty First Dates

***This post has caused several folks to offer up their own favorites, something I was hoping would happen. Several suggestions were on my original list of candidates. While I am very happy with my selections, I would ask that you check out the comments for even more. While I am not going to alter the post in any way as far as selections go, I did want to say that I wish I had included Maggie Gyllenhaal's wonderful and totally original turn in Secretary. Of the many great performances I left out, I regret not putting Maggie on the list the most.***


Allison said...

Oh great list! May was SO SO SO close to making my top films of the decade list. It would have been #101 or #102. But I'm really glad you mentioned Angela Bettis.

Kimberly said...

Interesting list, Jeremy and a great idea! I like the concept of a list focusing on "performances" of the decade and yours is the first I've seen. We definitely share some similar favorites! Once I finally complete my favorites films of the decade list that I've been slowly compiling over at my blog I may try and compile a list of my favorite performances as well.

Happy holidays!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Allison,
It's great to hear you are a fan of MAY and Angela Bettis. I am still blown away by her performance everytime I watch that extraordinry film...thanks again.

Hey Kimberly,
So nice to hear from you. I can't wait to see your lists and I hope you have a wonderful holiday as well!

Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you on natalie portman and angela bettis. as for my top female performances list, there had to be michelle pfeiffer in 'white oleander' spectacular acting play of hers, the best in her career, no doubt. and, as for the male performances - i would put there ralph fiennes in dutchess. i think his performance saved the whole film. i recommend you to watch these two movies and i hope you'll let me know how they seemed to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I follow your blog since few months ago and I must say that I love it, film likes agree. I love this selection of first decade of the millennium. A greeting from Spain and Congratulations.

mkbuzzell said...

It is very nice to see Franke Potente and "The Princess and The Warrior" getting some recognition, Jeremy. It is a terrific picture and performance that sadly many have not seen.

Maja said...

hey jeremy!
love the list, you've mentioned definitely some of the performances that blew me away, as well. kirsten's been one of my favorite young actresses for quite a while. her collaborations with sofia brings out the best, well, from both of them. miss bettis is so delightfully fragile in may, as well as marina de van. just watched it the other day (in my skin). heartbreaking. and her face is remarkable, so captivating.
and i would just like to mention some of my favorite ladies. without a doubt, my first choice would be isabelle huppert in "la pianiste". pure brilliance. then, there's oh so charming maggie gyllenhaal in "secretary", fierce beatrice dalle in fantastic "trouble every day" and gillian anderson in "the house of mirth". i love my girls troubled. :D

love from croatia

oh, and happy holidays!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks En,
Pfeiffer was on my list of 40 for CHERI, and I wish I would have included her. She's an all time favorite and I have been thrilled to see her return again in the past couple of years as strong as ever.

Hey Matthew, Great to hear from you. So terrific to hear you dig PRINCESS AND THE WARRIOR as well. I think it is an incredible film and Franka is soooo powerful in it. Thanks again!

Thank you so much for the very nice words and I couldn't agree with you more on Sofia and Kirsten. I find her work in MARIE ANTONIETTE really haunting. Also, believe it or not but "maggie gyllenhaal in "secretary", fierce beatrice dalle in fantastic "trouble every day" and gillian anderson in "the house of mirth" were all on my original list. I have yet to see that Huppert film sadly. I am sort of wishing I would have made this a list of forty now as I had to leave so many favorites out like all of the above and any number of incredible performances from the likes of Keira Knightley, Maria Bello, Marianne Cotillard, Maribel Verdu and Juliette Binoche. So many great performances to choose from...thanks again all!

mkbuzzell said...

Hi Jeremy! Your terrific list set ablaze the noodle and It now begs me to ask if you you might have considred Julie Christie in "Away From Her."

Jeremy Richey said...

Hey Matthew,
Funny you mention that as she was on my original rather long list, as was her director Sarah Polley for MY LIFE WITHOUT ME. Julie Christie is pretty astounding in everything she does and AWAY FROM HER was no different, so she could have easily placed here. I finally just wanted to include several completely overlooked performances (Barrymore, Bettis etc) in place of some that had already received a great amount of acclaim. Thanks again!

J.D. said...

Glad to see you including ones like Diane Lane in UNFAITHFUL and Kate Winslet in ETERNAL SUNSHINE. Both of which are on my list. Also, nice to see you giving props to Jennifer Garner in 13 GOING ON 30. She was so good in that film and her performance in it always brings a smile to my face. I would also echo another person's comments that it was great to see you giving a shout-out to Franka Potente in THE PRINCESS AND THE WARRIOR. I had totally forgotten about that film but it is definitely one of my faves of the decade and she was incredible in it.

I'm going to start posting my picks on my blog at the end of the week!

Keith said...

Great list. I loved it. I love these actresses. I've seen most of these movies. I loved seeing Kate as #1. Have a fantastic week. Cheers!

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks JD,
I'm glad to hear so many giving props to Franka. I'm really looking forward to seeing your upcoming lists.

Thanks Keith,
Glad you enjoyed the lists and I hope you are having a great holiday.