Friday, February 12, 2010

Help Save ear-X-tacy

One of the best records stores in the country is currently having a very hard time financially and I wanted to ask all of my readers here to throw some support their way if possible. Louisville, Kentucky's ear-X-tacy is an absolute institution and I can't imagine the city without it. I also can't imagine too many more quality independent music stores having much a chance if ear-X-tacy does indeed have to shut its doors in the upcoming months.
I can't even count the number of cds and lps I have bought at ear-X-tacy since I first discovered them in the early nineties when my family moved to the Louisville area. Favorite discs in my collection ranging from rare John Cale imports to impossible to find Jimmy Webb classics came from hours I spent going through ear-X-tacy's always huge and varied inventory. To this day, you can still walk in the store with a guarantee that you will come out with a smile on your face at finding another treasure, whether it be Serge Gainsbourg on vinyl or a promo Goldfrapp poster the friendly staff would give you just because you asked.
Here is another article detailing ear-X-tacy's financial troubles and I ask anyone in the area to pay them a visit and pick up a disc, or even just a sticker or magazine, to show some support and help out. If you are out of the area, please visit their website and order something from there. Every little bit will help. Thank you.


Steve Langton said...

Sounds like a terrific store, and I really hope things work out for them. We've had a couple of local record stores go out of business since the recession took hold. Sadly, it's getting harder for smaller concerns to hold their own with customers having less money to spend. Hope you have a really nice day, and the record store continues to trade for many years to come.

Brandon Colvin said...


Andrew said...

Benefit concert with all the proceeds going to keeping it open maybe?

While people can download mp3's at a fraction of the cost of buying the albums still nothing compares to a good concert and the feeling of being there.

Ear-x-tacy can reopen as a ticket broker and music museum? I'm not an accountant but I think as a museum you get some nice tax breaks.

Also some local politicians should step in here and do what they can ear-X-tacy is a peace of our culture and if can be preserved it should be.

Will Errickson said...

I was in Louisville only once, over 10 years ago, and indeed found myself spending a rewarding afternoon in ear-X-tacy. Sad to hear, but I think brick-and-mortar shops of all kinds are having a tough go in these internet days, alas.