Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hopes not Predictions

As usual I am going into tonight’s Oscars with the thought that very few of my picks have any real shot of winning. This year’s ceremony should have been one of the most interesting in years, with the inclusion of five more titles for best picture, but I feel like they blew it when they failed to nominate any films that typically wouldn’t have gotten a nod ranging from 500 Days of Summer to Anvil to The Hangover. So with a no small amount of ambivalence about how I will be spending several hours tonight, here are the folks and films I would like to see take home those gold statues.

Best Picture: Inglourious Basterds
Runner Up: District Nine and An Education

Best Actor: Jeff Bridges (Crazy Heart)
Runner Up: Jeremy Renner (The Hurt Locker)

Best Actress: Carey Mulligan (An Education)
Runner Up: Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side)

Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz (Inglourious Basterds)
Runner Up: Stanley Tucci (The Lovely Bones)

Supporting Actress: Maggie Gyllenhaal (Crazy Heart)
Runner Up: Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air)

Best Director: Quentin Tarantino (Inglourious Basterds)
Runner Up: Kathryn Bigelow (The Hurt Locker)

Best Screenplay (Original): Quentin Tarantino (Inglourious Basterds)
Runner Up: Mark Boal (The Hurt Locker)

Best Screenplay (Based on): Nick Hornby (An Education)
Runner Up: Neill Blomkamp, Terri Tatchell (District 9)

Cinematography: Robert Richardson (Inglourous Basterds)
Runner Up: Bruno Delbonnel (Harry Potter and Half Blood Prince)

Animated Film: Fantastic Mr. Fox
Runner Up: Coraline


Bunched Undies said...

I'm pulling for Carey Mulligan too.

Jeremy Richey said...

Oh well, and so it goes. I am glad THE HURT LOCKER beat the hell out of AVATAR, and I am a long time Sandy fan so I was happy to see her win (although I have serious issues with THE BLIND SIDE). Kills me thought that Tarantino's film was nearly shut out and why in the world they couldn't honor Corman, Willis and Bacall at the ceremony is beyond me.