Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Moon in the Gutter DVD Give-Away #1: Jonathan Demme's Married to the Mob (We Have a Winner)

***Well that was fast. Congratulations to Rain Jokinen who runs the blogs Musty TV and I Made it, I Ate It, I Lived for correctly answering the questions. Thanks Rain for participating and I hope you enjoy the disc or, if you have it, give it to a friend who perhaps hasn't seen it. I have filled in the answers below for those interested.***

There's a shop around the corner that has an incredible selection of overstocked and cheaply-priced brand-new DVDs that feels like a virtual movie treasure chest every time I visit. Rummaging through the discs recently, I was struck by the idea of occasionally offering some as prizes to say thanks to the folks that I have stuck with me for so long here at Moon in the Gutter. So, here is my first ever DVD giveaway and the first disc I am offering is Jonathan Demme's wonderful 1988 black comedy, Married to the Mob.
Shot in between Something Wild and The Silence of the Lambs, Married to the Mob is a really special (if undervalued) film featuring one of Michelle Pfeiffer's most infectious and greatest performances. Also starring Alec Baldwin, Dean Stockwell, Matthew Modine and a slew of Demme regulars, Married to the Mob is one of the late eighties most distinctive films and I am hoping to introduce it to someone new with this offering. This widescreen DVD is brand new, still sealed, and comes with a booklet. I will not charge for shipping so the disc will be totally free to the person who answers the following questions first. Thank you and be on the lookout for more sporadic DVD giveaways here at Moon in the Gutter in the future. On to the questions...

The out of print and now highly collectible soundtrack to Married to the Mob was rightly acclaimed upon its release in 1988 as one of the great soundtracks of the period. A delightful mixture of post-punk, catchy pop and world-music, the ten song Married to the Mob soundtrack was a perfect audio companion to Demme's killer black comedy. Here are three questions concerning the music, and music references, of Married to the Mob. To win a free copy of the film, simply be the first person to answer all three questions correctly in the comments section. The first person who answers all three will get a post-paid sealed copy of the DVD, plus have their blog (if applicable) mentioned here. Okay, here we go:

1. One of the main highlights of the album was a song that was released as a single and made into a very memorable video tying into Married to the Mob's gangster theme. The song was performed by a certain New York Punk and New-Wave legend and, at the time, it represented her first recorded work in nearly three years. Name the song and the singer.

Answer: Debbie Harry, "Liar, Liar"

2. Another highlight of the soundtrack album was a classic soul standard re-imagined by an man who can rightly be labeled as one of the most influential artists in all of popular music. The track was of particular importance as it represented in 1988 the first vocal performance by this artist in nearly a decade, as he had all but turned to strictly instrumental music in the late seventies. Name the song and singer.

Answer: Brian Eno, "You Don't Miss Your Water"

3. While not featured on the soundtrack, this New York Punk Godfather makes a very funny and memorable cameo in Married to the Mob as a priest at a funeral. Name this singer and the band he fronted in the early seventies.

Answer: David Johansen, New York Dolls

Okay, there you go. No strings attached, I am just looking to give a copy of one of my favorite films to a reader for their collection. Thanks!


Rain said...

1. Debbie Harry

2. Brian Eno

3. David Johanson of the New York Dolls....

I actually talked a bit about this soundtrack in a blog post last year...

Jeremy Richey said...

And we have a winner! Quick too! Thanks so much Rain. Please email me your address (My email is located under the "About Me" Section) and I will send your disc to you.