Monday, June 14, 2010

Danny Draven's The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead: How to Make Your Own Heart-Racing Horror Movie

Recently out from Focal Press is director Danny Draven’s terrific The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead: How to Make Your Own Heart-Racing Horror Movie. This hefty 300-plus page book is a jam-packed must for both young filmmakers and film-students. Coming armed with kudos from Charles Band (who contributes a forward) and David DeCocteau, Draven’s book is a really entertaining and super-informative guide that was a real pleasure to read from beginning to end.
Draven, whose film Ghost Month won him a Best Director award at a recent Chicago Horror Film Festival, splits his book up into four major sections (Pre=Production, Production, Post-Production and Distribution) with the hopes of leading his readers through the process of planning, making and getting your film seen. The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead works as both a great guide book as well as an engaging look at all of the hard work that goes into making a low-budget horror film in our digital world.
The Book of the Dead is kept much more interesting than most books on the filmmaking process because of Draven’s wise decision to include interviews with behind and in front of the camera talent. These interviews, which are spread throughout the book, go well with Draven’s direct and easy to read writing style and subjects include Debbie Rochon, Lloyd Kaufman, Nathan Barr, Nathan Barr, Robert Englund, Stuart Gordon, Tom Savini and quite a few more.
Draven’s book also includes a handy Website Extras section, hundreds of photographs, sample pages from behind the scenes documents and a listing of various horror festivals, distributors and publications. The Book of the Dead might not be the last word on the subject of shooting your own low-budget film but it is essential reading for anyone who might be planning one.
The Filmmaker’s Book of the Dead: How to Make Your Own Heart-Racing Horror Movie is available from Amazon or from Focal Press. I highly recommend it.


Tony Dayoub said...

Love the blog's new look, Jeremy. It's a nice bit of synchronicity as I took the opportunity to change up my blog template also.

Drew said...

This actually sounds really fantastic, and would be a perfect gift for a buddy who has a birthday coming up. Thanks a lot for the heads up on this, Jeremy.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Tony,
Your new look is terrific. I love these new Templates and options they have here. Thanks for the nice words.

Thanks Drew,
It's a really cool and informative book. I hope you'll check it out...thanks!