Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Moon in the Gutter DVD Give-Away: The Garbo Silents Collection (We have a Winner)

Okay kids I'm offering up another free DVD for the first person to answer the trivia questions below. The prize this round is a really great set that TCM Archives released around five years ago entitled The Garbo Silents Collection. This double-disc set offers up three of Greta Garbo's key silent works, Flesh and the Devil, The Mysterious Lady and The Temptress. The collection is also loaded with extras including audio commentaries, alternate scores, photo montages, alternate endings, the surviving reel from The Divine Woman and more. It is still sealed and brand new (please note, there is light a cut-out mark on the back of the case that is barely noticeable).
The first person to answer the questions below in the comments section gets a free copy of this (all you have to do is email me your address after I announce you have won and then wait a week or so for it to arrive in your mailbox). I will also supply a link to your blog or website if you have one you would like me to mention.
All the questions are Garbo related and just a few minutes on IMDB (if you need them) will supply the answers...Good luck!

1. Flesh and the Devil director Clarence Brown directed Garbo several times. Name at least two other features they made together.

2. Flesh and the Devil was loosely based on a novel. Name the book and the author.

3. The Mysterious Lady and The Temptress director Fred Niblo shot an early silent version of a future Garbo classic starring Norma Talmadge. Name the Niblo film that Garbo would eventually remake.

4. One of Garbo's co-stars in The Temptress belonged to one of the most legendary families in Hollywood history. He is also the great uncle of one of today's most beloved young actresses. Name Garbo's co-star and his great-niece.

5. Garbo's mentor was initially hired as the director of The Temptress. What was his name?

6. In 1984 Sidney Lumet made a film starring Anne Bancroft and Carrie Fisher that had a Garbo theme. What was the name of that film?

Like I said, easy with just a few minutes of research. So, be the first to comment with all the correct answers and The Garbo Silents Collection is yours.


megasam said...

1. anna christie, a woman of affairs
2. the undying past by hermann sudermann
3. camille
4. john barrymore, drew barrymore
5. mauritz stiller
6. garbo talks

Jeremy Richey said...

Excellent...It was actually Lionel and not John for question #4 but we'll look past that. Thanks for participating and just email me your info and I will get your disc out. Thanks again!

Jeremy Richey said...

Just a reminder that you need to send me an email (which can be found under the 'about me' section of my profile) so I can get this sent to you. Thanks!