Monday, August 9, 2010

A Loaded Gun to Me: Iggy Pop to Let Kill City Loose Again

I was thrilled to hear today that one of my favorite albums is finally having the dust wiped off its grooves to be unleashed in a remastered (and hopefully expanded version) after being out of print for years. Recorded in 1975 as a series of demos for potential record companies, Iggy Pop and James Williamson's ferocious Kill City is one of rock's most brutal and messy masterpieces. Recorded sporadically on the weekends Iggy was released from a rehab/mental health facility he was in, Kill City stands as the brutal missing link between Raw Power and The Idiot. In a way, it is sort of the last sound we have of Iggy Pop on record totally off the chain and completely unhinged.
Originally released in the winter of 1977 via Bomp Records, Kill City made its debut on CD in the early nineties but it has been missing in action for quite a number of years. Overflowing with incredible Pop tracks like the crushing title track, "Beyond the Law", "I Got Nothin" and "Johanna", Kill City is truly one of the most mesmerizing releases of the Punk era, so I am very happy that Iggy is re-releasing it in October on CD and glorious Vinyl.
The re-release comes at a perfect time for me personally as I have been revisiting my favorite Pop albums again recently. I can't wait to hear this powerful document, that I devoured nearly daily throughout my twenties, sounding better than ever before. Run for cover...

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