Saturday, December 31, 2011

First-Time Viewings: December 2011

The Christmas holiday and my rediscovery of the amazing Larry Sanders Show both kept me from watching too many films throughout December. The best films I watched were actually all mostly released this year, as you can see from the list below. Still I caught up with a few great older ones and already have several lined up for January that I am greatly anticipating.

Pre-2011 Films:

Around a Small Mountain ***1/2
C.H.U.D. ***1/2
Criminal Woman: Killing Melody ***1/2
Gainsbourg A Heroic Life ****1/2
I Am Loved *****
Insatiable 2 **1/2
Jackass 3 *****
People Will Talk ***1/2
Red Riding Trilogy: 1980 ****1/2
The Auteur **1/2
The Horde **
The Unholy Wife ***

2011 Films:

Hugo ****1/2
Pearl Jam 20 ****1/2
The Black Power Mix-Tape 1967-1975 *****
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo *****
Young Adult ****1/2


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