Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Favorite Older Films Seen in 2011 Now at Rupert Pupkin Speaks

My buddy Rupert recently asked me to submit my list of favorite older films that I caught up with in 2011 and I was happy to oblige. The list is now posted over at Rupert Pupkin Speaks for those who wish to give it a look.

My list is made up of a dozen films, with some brief thoughts on each, and includes everything from a classic screwball comedy to seventies exploitation to two of the most moving documentaries I have ever seen.

Thanks so much to Mr. Pupkin for asking me to join in the fun! It was my pleasure.

For a complete list of the films I watched back in 2011, you can visit this link.


Daniel Orion Davis said...

Couple of thoughts on your list:

1) The Hit -- just caught up with this myself last week, and completely agree. I told my sister after seeing it that Stamp was now on my list of actors whose name in the credits was reason enough to see something.

2) Playing with Fire -- Ok, this is something I've just got to fix. If there is a bigger gap in my experience of Eurocult goodness than Robbe-Grillet, I don't know what it is. Do you think that Playing with Fire would make a good entrance point into his work? I've got several films of his, and think I shall have to make a point of watching one this weekend.

3) Kidnapped Coed -- thanks for spreading the word. Hadn't heard of this one, but I'll be seeking it out now.

4) Le Doulos -- this would also be on my list of top older films seen first in 2011. It makes me sad that the number of Melville films I get to watch for the first time just keeps getting smaller.

Cheers for the great list.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts Daniel! As for Grillet. Since his films aren't the easiest to see I would recommend any for a strting point. My favorites remains EDEN AND AFTER and SLOW SLIDINGS OF PLEASURE but there are great things in all of them. Thanks again!