Sunday, April 15, 2012

3 The Right Way

While I find it hard to give a damn about an organization that year after year ignores some of the most influential and greatest artists and bands in popular music history, last night The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame got it right when they inducted Adam Horowitz, Adam Yauch and Michael Diamond. For more than thirty years now, Beastie Boys have been one of the most consistently brilliant, trailblazing and influential bands in the world and I am thrilled to see them honored as the truly great act they are. Are there bands that should have been put in first? Absolutely but there are few that are more deserving than Beastie Boys and I wanted to wish them a sincere congratulations. I also wanted to send my best to my favorite BEATsie Boy MCA, Adam Yauch, who was unable to attend last night's ceremony. I wish the best health and happiness to Adam and I hope for at least three more decades of truly inspiring and thrilling music from his amazing group.


Jeffrey Goodman said...

Jeremy, I'm so with you on this. So deserved for a band that I admit I'm even behind a year or two (or 8!) at times with their next trailblazing move. For instance, I'm just now getting my head around TO THE 5 BOROUGHS, which is such an excellent album. I hate that I've waited this long to catch up with it. Great tribute by you to one of my very favorite bands.

Jeremy Richey said...

Thanks Jeffrey! Always great to hear from you here. Isn't TO THE 5 BOROUGHS amazing??? I think "3 the Hard Way" and "An Open Letter to NYC" are among their greatest tracks. Thanks again!

Lastyear said...

Now if they would only induct Roxy Music