Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Coming Very Soon: Directory of World Cinema: American Independent 2

The newest Intellect Volume some of my work is being featured in will be available very soon for those interested.  I am very honored to have several pieces in the John Berra edited Directory of World Cinema: American Independent 2 including a chapter on James Toback as well as reviews of Maniac, Supervixens, The Addiction, Wendy and Lucy, Hard Eight, Desperately Seeking Susan, Lulu on the Bridge, and Switchblade Sisters. I just received my copy and John has done such a splendid job with it.  Other writers featured include John, Derek Hill, Rob Dennis, Neil Mitchell and many others.  It can be ordered at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, at Intellect's website and at The University of Chicago Press Books.  More information on this series of books can be found here.  Thanks!

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