Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Coming in November of 2014: The First Issue of Our New Publication

While a great many friends over at Facebook are already aware of this, I am very pleased to officially announce here that my wife Kelley and I will be releasing the first issue of our first printed publication in the late part of 2014.  This, as of yet, untitled publication is still in the earliest stages of planning but Kelley and I are both extremely excited about it and we are going to make it something truly special.  This will be a step by step process and will be a true learning experience for both Kelley and I, as we have never attempted anything like this.
While the details are being ironed out I can tell you that this will be a print only arts based publication allowing writers to write on topics of choosing.  Obviously the journal will consist of a lot of writing on film but it will also incorporate literature, music, photography and so on.  This will not be a 'review-based' publication (although certainly critiques can occur), but rather a platform for all types of writers to really flex their creative muscles and have a chance to get pieces in print that otherwise they might not be able to. 
Throughout 2014 I will mostly be utilizing Moon in the Gutter as an information base on the first issues progress.  There will be other posts as well, and eventually a website will be set up for the journal, but I do want to share this journey with any who might be curious to follow.  Here is an outline of our plan:

1.  Gather together a number of our favorite writers and ask if they would be interested in submitting for the first issue.  I am very excited to say that we have gathered close to twenty fabulous writers already with more coming on board as I type this. If you are interested in possibly submitting, please contact me at Facebook or via my Gmail. I will be introducing the writers here at Moon in the Gutter in the upcoming months as well as unveiling our fabulous first cover star!

2.  Since this is a self-financed venture, Kelley and I will need some help regarding the software and a few other start-up expenses so we will be doing a Crowdfunding drive, probably via IndieGoGo.  We are planning on launching this probably around late January and rewards will be offered.  This is, obviously, a pivotal step, so any help (whether it be a donation or just spreading the word will be greatly appreciated). 

3.  As soon as we have the software in place and the pieces start coming in Kelley and I will spend the better part of 2014 putting the first issue together.  Since, as I said, this is a totally new thing for us it will take time.  Thankfully we already have a friend who is familiar with the program we are planning on using (AdobeInDesign) but we would, of course, love to hear from anyone who might have any advice, tips, or suggestions throughout the process. 

4.  PUBLISH!!!  Initially Kelley and I had planned on printing this ourselves in a limited edition run and handling the shipping.  We finally decided that the cost and time would be too much for us to handle so I am taking the lead from my good friends over at Weng's Chop and am planning on using Amazon's print on demand service CreateSpace.  This will allow the journal to be sold at Amazon and Barnes and Noble's sites, as well as our own site, and it doesn't have to be a limited run.  We are looking at the first issue as a break even proposition at best and we will try to make it as affordable as possible, while making sure that is as colorful and aesthetically pleasing as we are planning. 

So that about does it.  This has been a dream of mine since I first cracked open an issue of Video Watchdog in the early nineties and I promise we are going to deliver something very special.  Hell, with the writers I have on board we could do an old school Xerox pamphlet and it would still be awesome but we are going to give you more than that.  Wish us luck and enjoy, 'the first song on our new album.'

-Jeremy and Kelley Richey, 2014-