Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Torso Lobby Cards

I love stumbling across stuff that I had forgotten I have. Late last night I was going through some old clippings and came across six original lobby cards for Sergio Martino's fantastic TORSO (BODIES BEAR TRACES OF CARNAL VIOLENCE) so I thought I would post two of the best here.
The top shot is one of my favorite images from all of Italian cinema and I remember several years ago being struck by how much a scene in Spielberg's MINORITY REPORT reminded me of it. Probably just a coincidence or perhaps old Steven is a closet Italian horror junkie.
The bottom card gives me a chance to post another shot of the lovely Tina Aumont, whom I paid tribute to in the early days of this blog. That's Suzy Kendall there with her.
Martino's great and gruesome 1973 thriller is currently out of print in America but copies of Anchor Bay's dvd are still floating around but might cost a bit. Tony from the always valuable Xploited Cinema site carries two different import versions of it though for very reasonable prices.


Anonymous said...

I love Torso and I'm envious of your wonderful lobby cards. Thanks for sharing them!

I haven't seen Minority Report but your comparison is interesting.

Nostalgia Kinky said...

Thanks Kimberly,
I was thrilled to come across these cards and was amazed that I had forgotten about them. I need to go through my clippings more often.
I'm not a big Spielberg fan but I think "Minority Report" is one of his best fils since the seventies and there is a moment that is very similar to those shots in "Torso".
I seem to remember somebody else writing on this before but I can't remember where I saw it...anyway, as always thanks for commenting.