Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Eli Roth's 24 Hours Of Horror

William Friedkin isn't the only American director this week tipping his hat to the Italians. The A.V. club has a great new interview with Eli Roth here, where the HOSTEL director takes us through his ideal twenty four hour horror film marathon. I love Eli's choices, and admire how diverse they are. I was thrilled to see him select Fellini's TOBY DAMMIT as one, and loved this quote about Terence Stamp's unmatchable performance, "it's Terence Stamp in one of the single greatest performances I've ever seen. It's my favorite short film of all time, of anything I've ever seen. He's brilliant."
Click the link for Roth's full list and his thoughts on each iconic film.


Steve Langton said...

Thanks for the link. Interesting to read Roth's thoughts on TOBY DAMMIT. I love SPIRITS OF THE DEAD, but constantly change my mind as to which is my favourite episode( at the moment, it's WILLIAM WILSON)
Look forward to reading Roth's choices in full a little later.

Neil Sarver said...

I liked his choice of Toby Dammit fit very nicely into his festival, which seemed to be eschewing the traditional Gothic feel.

I'm not sure I feel like dealing with my favorite segment, but last time watching it, I couldn't help thinking that switching William Wilson, which is the most obviously traditional and Gothic, to the opening and Metzengerstein, which is kind of a strange blend of traditional in many ways with the more fanciful and modern touches, such as the costuming, preparing the audience just a little more for the madness to follow.

Nostalgia Kinky said...

Thanks Steve,
WILLIAM WILSON is amazing. I find watching Delon and bardot together in that period to be particularly incredible. It's one of my favorite Poe stories as well...

Thanks Neil,
I think the Vadim episode is really underrated. All three of the films are masterful to my eyes, and among the best of each director.

Rogue Spy 007 said...

Thanks for sharing this here. This was a really cool marathon of horror films. I would love to sit down and enjoy these 24 hours. Roth did name a wide variety of films. One I had to mention was Pieces. I remember renting that one from the video store when I was a kid. My bro and I loved it. It was an enjoyable way to kill some time. I definitely think Roth continued to show his love for Italian horror cinema. I don't blame. Italians do it better.