Thursday, July 3, 2008

Operation Screenshot (Films of the 2000s): Jacques Rivette's Histoire de Marie et Julien (2003)

Story of Marie and Julien 1

Story of Marie and Julien 2

Story of Marie and Julien 3

Story of Marie and Julien 4

Story of Marie and Julien 5

Story of Marie and Julien 6

Story of Marie and Julien 7

Story of Marie and Julien 8

Story of Marie and Julien 9

Story of Marie and Julien 10


Ed Howard said...

Beautiful. One of the greatest films of this decade, for sure. And it's doubly great for me because it was the first Rivette I saw, thereby introducing me to a filmmaker who has slowly but surely become one of my favorites as well. I only wish you'd included the final shot of the film, capturing the mysterious, playful look on Emmanuelle Beart's face. One of my favorite endings, it's enigmatic, romantic, and amusing all at once. It makes me smile just thinking about it.

Nostalgia Kinky said...

Thanks so much Ed. I feel the same way about this amazing and sadly underseen film. I hard a hard time selecting the photos from it and actually captured the one you mentioned but decided to hold off for people who hadn't seen it because it leaves such a big impression while actually watching the film.
Thanks for the great comments...I love Rivette and for him to deliver a film this extraordinary this late in the game is truly remarkable.

Ed Howard said...

Just wanted to add: after seeing this today, I really felt like revisiting the film tonight and wound up sampling a few scenes, including the ending. One thing that struck me, even on cursorily watching isolated scenes, was how the sound design incorporates the cat's bell and the ticking clocks, carrying both sounds all through the film. I'd also forgotten about the great Blossom Dearie song that plays during the credits, a nice complement to the mysterious beauty of Beart's smile in the final image.

Rogue Spy 007 said...

I've never seen this film. The shots from it have definitely intrigued me to what to see it. Plus I love Emmanuelle Beart. I've always been a big fan of hers. Since her in a few films recently like 8 Femmes.

James Hansen said...

With all my Rivette love, this entry makes me a bit embarassed for not having seen this film yet. I thought that this film didn't go over very well though, and had heard from several people that it just isn't very good. Guess I'll have to see it and decide for myself. Great images from Rivette (as always.) And I, of course, am always glad to see THE master getting more respect and viewership.

Also Jeremy: I recently obtained a very very bad DVD copy of OUT 1: SPECTRE. The quality is pretty terrible, but if you want a copy or something just let me know. It's still worth seeing, although I think it would be hard to get as much out of the film in the state that this DVD version is in...

Nostalgia Kinky said...

Thanks Ed for the continuing comments. I know exactly what you mean. I actually am quite in love with the way Rivette uses sound in general and find his choices to always be sublime whether it be the way he captures a city soundscape or a pastoral countryside...he's just one of the true masters.

Thanks Keith...Rivette and Beart are a remarkable team and this film is a real nice companion to their past work together...the disc also contains fascintaing interviews with both. Beart comes across as supremely intelligent, well-stated and refined.

Thanks James,
I know this film got a mixed reaction but I think it's one of his major works...and one that obviously meant a great deal to him as I understand he had attempted it before during a particularly rough personal period.
I would love to see any copy I could of OUT 1...please drop me an email and hopefully we can work something out. Perhaps a trade with the also rare Merry Go Round which I have (and that I still need to write on). Thanks so much!