Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tina Aumont: Home Movie From 1969

A friendly reader sent me the link to this last night and it is spellbinding. I don't have much information on it. The song is by a band called Tiebreak and it is called "Evil Thoughts".
The clips are credited as being "From Frederic Pardo's Home Movie" and I am guessing they are from Home Movie, which was a behind the scenes documentary of Philippe Garrel's 'Le lit de la vierge'
If you are a Tina Aumont fan these clips will probably bring tears to your eyes...if you aren't a fan of Tina's you probably will be after watching this.

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Keith said...

That was wonderful. I hadn't thought that much about Tina for a long time until your blogging about her. It's always nice to be reminded of how special Tina was. She was truly amazing.