Saturday, October 25, 2008

Those Seventies Horror Remakes (Final October Poll)


As promised, there will be quite a few Halloween related posts coming up here in the next week to celebrate the holiday and the thirtieth anniversary of John Carpenter’s legendary film. I thought it might be fun to also have one more semi-related poll and, with the remake of Friday the 13th coming soon, the seventies horrors remakes that have filled our theaters in the past decade seemed like a pretty good subject.
The poll is simple. I have chosen ten of the more high profile remakes of seventies classics that have been released in the past decade for the poll. Simply pick your favorites and ignore the ones you can’t stand. I think a few of these are really solid films in their own right, while some are okay, and some are just plain garbage so the results should be interesting.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

I only focused on remakes of American films, and by only picking ten I obviously left out some, but this will hopefully prove an interesting poll to close out October with. Enjoy and vote away…


Keith said...

I'll definitely be voting in this poll. Cool idea. There have been some really good remakes, as well as some that were utter crap.

Unknown said...

I dunno... most of these remakes are crappy in their own ways. If push came to shove, I actually enjoyed the BLACK CHRISTMAS remake which had some pretty cool gore effects and I thought the cast of girls were good, even if they had little work with, material-wise.

A lot of people hated it, but I quite enjoyed Rob Zombie's take on HALLOWEEN. While no where near as great as the original, I liked that Zombie took it off in his own direction and stayed true to his style instead of trying to do a slavish remake.