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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Contribution to The Twenty Actresses Meme

Paz Vega

Ray over at Flickhead was nice enough to tag me in a new Meme going around that originated at Film Experience, and I am more than happy to participate. The goal of this meme is to select twenty favorite actresses. I thought this would be fairly simple at first but then I found that twenty is an extremely small number, and no matter what list I came up with I would indeed be leaving out many of my 'favorites'.
To make it a little easier for me, I decided to split it up into some categories, and I made the choice to not include any actresses who worked before 1970 (this list would have been impossible for me otherwise). Still, I am leaving many out including some I have celebrated here previously.
My selections are based on many things, including the fact that not only do I think all these ladies are fabulous actors but that they also posses a special charisma and style that separates them from their peers. I also admire each one personally, a fact that make the work they do in front of the camera all the more consistently transcendent. The original meme just called to name them, but for fun I am adding in what I think the 'key work' is for each. Enough goes.

My Essentials:

Juliette Binoche: Key Work: Blue

Juliette Binoche Pictures, Images and Photos

Jennifer Connelly: Key Work: Waking The Dead

Jennifer Connelly Pictures, Images and Photos

Jodie Foster: Key Work: The Silence of the Lambs

Jodie Foster Pictures, Images and Photos

Nastassja Kinski: Key Work: Paris, Texas

Nastassja Kinski Pictures, Images and Photos

Michelle Pfeiffer: Key Work: The Fabulous Baker Boys

Michelle Pfeiffer Pictures, Images and Photos

They Deserve the Oscar on Their Shelf:

Charlize Theron: Key Work: Monster

charlize theron Pictures, Images and Photos

Rachel Weisz: Key Work: The Fountain

Rachel Weisz 1 Pictures, Images and Photos

Keep An Eye On:

Eva Green: Key Work: The Dreamers

Eva Green Pictures, Images and Photos

Scarlett Johansson: Key Work: Lost in Translation

Scarlett Johansson Pictures, Images and Photos

Roxane Mesquida: Key Work: Sex is Comedy


Sienna Miller: Key Work: Alfie

sienna miller Pictures, Images and Photos

Paz Vega: Key Work: Sex and Lucia

558 Pictures, Images and Photos

Tragically Undervalued:

Bridget Fonda: Key Work: Bodies, Rest and Motion

Bridget Fonda Pictures, Images and Photos

Carla Gugino: Key Work: Karen Sisco

Rebecca Wickham Younge Pictures, Images and Photos

Jennifer Jason Leigh: Key Work: Georgia

The Best Fucking Picture EVER! Pictures, Images and Photos

Gretchen Moll: Key Work: The Notorious Bettie Page

Sean Young: Key Work: Blade Runner

They Should Have Cults Around Them:

Asia Argento: Key Work: The Stendahl Syndrome

Asia Argento Pictures, Images and Photos

Beatrice Dalle: Key Work: Betty Blue

Beatrice Dalle Pictures, Images and Photos

Sylvia Kristel: Key Work: La Marge

Sylvia Kristel Pictures, Images and Photos

I would love to see the choices of the following folks so consider them tagged:

Keith at Sugar and Spice.

Mr. Peel at Mr. Peel's Sardine Liquor.

Steve at The Last Picture Show.

Tony at Cinema Viewfinder.

J.D. at Radiator Heaven.


Ed Howard said...

Nice list, I just did one of these too, and posted it here. Less overlap than I would've thought, though no surprise that we both dig Beatrice Dalle and Paz Vega.

I'm glad to see that you mentioned Scarlett Johansson, too; she's not one of my favorites but she can be pretty good in the right movie, and is too often put down as being nothing more than eye candy. I loved her in Vicky Cristina Barcelona this year, though I was very close to putting her costar Penelope Cruz on my list as well.

Uncle Gustav said...

Thanks for joining, Jeremy. You're right: twenty is too small a number.

Your shots of Jennifer Connelly, Scarlett and Charlize are excellent.


scrumptious ladies there. love to see Dalle mentioned since she is so invisible these days and Sean Young on account of... hey, why not. to each their own

Lastyear said...

Hard list to make. 20 is too small a number. Loved Scarlet in Lost in Translation but thought her terrible and unconvincing in Vicky Christina Barcelona. Sean Young was good in Bladerunner but not in much else. And Asia Argento never fails to bring down any movie she's in. Terrible actress. I think she gets a lot of love because of who her father is. Glad to see the inclusion of Jennifer Jason Leigh. Very underrated.

James Hansen said...

Roxane Mesquida is beautiful, but I wonder about the choice of SEX IS COMEDY over FAT GIRL for her key work. Not that I don't like SEX IS COMEDY, or anything, but that film is so reliant upon knowing FAT GIRL that it seems like FG would be the "key" choice which would then inform SiC.

Maybe I'm just thinking about this because I am hurriedly writing my chapter on Fat Girl for my thesis which is due tomorrow. Yikes.

I also have to admit I'm glad I haven't been tagged for this yet (that I know of.) I like some actresses, but I'm not an actor/actress person. I always enjoy presences of people, but don't really think about it enough to even name 5 actresses I really really love off the top of my head... Amy Adams...umm...Ludivine Sagnier... yep...that's about it... (Shhh...don't tell Nathaniel! He'll never let me write for him again!)

Tim Lucas said...

Claude Jade weeps.

Steve Langton said...

Very interesting list. Glad to see Asia in there as she's terrific in Stendhal.Love the way you split up the list, too. Thanks for the tag. Hardly any time to blog at moment, but I'll try to be on this one by this weekend.

Nostalgia Kinky said...

Thanks everyone for the comments...this was just a bit of fin and I appreciate Flickhead sending me the invite. I need to do one for pre 1970's actresses but that list would be even more difficult to knock down to twenty.

Nostalgia Kinky said...

That should say 'bit of fun'

Keith said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tony Dayoub said...

Here is my list: My Favorite Twenty Actresses

Keith said...

Hey Jeremy. What a cool meme. I loved your choices. I love those actresses myself. Great pictures you posted. I see that you tagged me. I was going to wait until after Christmas since I've pretty much got Christmas posts lined up until then starting at the end of the week. I went on and did this one. It will be posted tomorrow, so I hope you'll check it out and left me some comments. Obviously I did actresses of the 60's and 70's. Cheers!

Kimberly Lindbergs said...

I was most happy to see Jennifer Jason Leigh on this list since I had hard time keeping her off my own. She's one of my favorite working American actresses and I really wish someone would give her the roles she deserves since I haven't seen her in anything really interesting since Cronenberg's eXistenZ back in 1999.

And of course, the fabulous Nastassja Kinski is no surprise!

Guillaume said...

Great picks Jeremy!
You know how much i love WAKING THE DEAD and Jennifer Connelly's performance in this film!


Roxane Mesquida...isn't she one of the most lovely french actresses?

I like Carla Gugino too.

Michelle Pfeiffer...i love her...her best performance...maybe in BATMAN RETURNS?

And what about Stefania Rocca?
She's a fine actress too!

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