Thursday, August 13, 2009

Artist and Muse #33

There might be greater technical achievements by Tom Savini is his astonishing thirty year plus career but, for me, his most visceral and (literally) explosive work can still be found in William Lustig's masterful Maniac (1980). This terrific shot of Savini and writer and star Joe Spinell from a dusty old Fango taken on the set of Maniac seemed an ideal one for this series.


Keith said...

Tom is such a genius.

Amanda By Night said...

How funny. I'm writing a little about Maniac today for a co-blogging project I am doing. One of my all time favorite horror films, it's only heightened by Savini's SPFX. I mean, dude blows off his OWN head. Awesome.

Maniac has weathered the storm quite well and still stands as one of the greatest horror films of the 80s, IMO.