Thursday, July 15, 2010

In Through The Mirror...

The Dancing Image was kind enough to tag me in a new meme that is going around so what follows is my little contribution to it. This meme began at this link from Checking on My Sausages and I am thrilled to take part in it. The original meme asked that we submit "a gallery of images stand for so much of what makes Cinema such a rich and exciting medium." Now, I gotta tell ya, that's a pretty tall order so I am just following The Dancing Image's lead of offering up some stills I have captured with a certain theme. This particular theme, as you can see below, focuses on mirrors and self-image in film. I simply captured stills from the first twelve films I thought of that had a pivotal moment involving a character staring into a mirror. Some are shocked by what they see, others are thrilled, but they are all discovering something new and different about themselves. For most of these characters, they simply no longer recognize the person staring back. I relate to all these shots for various reasons and I find them all moving in there own way. Of course, there are hundreds of other films I could have selected for this but, like I said, I simply went with the first twelve that popped in my head.
Here are the rules for the meme if you choose to participate as copied partially from The Dancing Image:

1. Pick as many pictures as you want - but make them screen-captures. These need to be moments that speak to you that perhaps haven't been represented as stills before.

2. Pick a theme, any theme. If you want, you can follow my lead and chose "Mirror Shots" but won't it be more interesting if everybody chooses something different?

3. You MUST link to Stephen's original gallery and my post if I am tagging you and you choose to participate (hey, I could use some new readers so help a brother out!)
Also, if you could please link back to The Dancing Image as well, I would greatly appreciate it.

4. Tag five blogs.

Here are the five bloggers I would like to see tackle this interesting and wide-open meme if they are interested:

Amanda at Made for TV Mayhem

J.D. at Radiator Heaven

DforDoom at Cult Movie Reviews

Hans at Quite Cool

David at Tomb it May Concern.

Rita Hayworth in Orson Welles' The Lady From Shanghai (1947)

Sylvia Kristel in Just Jaeckin's Emmanuelle (1974)

David Bowie in Nicolas Roeg's The Man Who Fell to Earth (1976)

Sylvester Stallone in John G. Avildsen's Rocky (1976)

Roy Scheider and Jessica Lange in Bob Fosse's All That Jazz (1979)

Zoe Tamerlis in Abel Ferrara's MS.45 (1981)

Lysa Thatcher in Cecil Howard's Neon Nights (1981)

Nastassja Kinski in Wim Wenders' Paris Texas (1984)

Elisabeth Shue in Mike Figgis' Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

Asia Argento in Dario Argento's The Stendhal Syndrome (1996)

Mark Wahlberg in Paul Thomas Anderson's Boogie Nights (1997)

Isabelle Fuhrman in the unused ending of Jaume Collet-Serra's Orphan (2009)


Joel Bocko said...

Great theme here, and some nice pics including a lot from films I have yet to see. Two others that instantly flash to mind: the shattering of Blanche's sanity in Streetcar and of course CFK strolling down the Hall of Mirrors, snow-globe in hand.

Btw, for the rules can you add to tag my blog as well (at least if their running with themed thing). Partly out of self-interest, admittedly - but also to keep things clear since Stephen's post didn't start as a meme and they might be confused when they get there. Or heck, maybe just out of self-interest. ;)

I just thought of another famous mirror scene, though it might be a cheat as there actually isn't any mirror at all: Duck Soup!

Stephen said...

Wow, fascinating images Jeremy.

Nostalgia Kinky said...

Thanks MovieMan. I added that to the rules for you...hope that's what you had in mind. Thanks again for tagging me and for the nice words...

Thanks Stephen. I really appreciate that.

Steve Langton said...

What a great selection. As I scrolled down, I knew you would pick that wonderful scene from Paris. Texas, I know how much you love that film. Good to see Stendhal in there, too. It gathers pace as a true Argento classic with each viewing.

Anonymous said...

I'll echo the other comments by saying what a great collection of images. It really reveals what a great appreciation you have for composition. Also, thanks for including "Neon Nights". Umm... I remember this one from high school.

The film that immediately I associate with the mirror theme, though, is the killer-in-the-mirror in the last scene from "Dressed to Kill".

Dean Treadway said...

Dang, this makes me wish I'd picked more of a visual theme! What's more visual than a mirror? So many of these actors look haunted by their reflections, particularly Shue. I'm surprised not to see RAGING BULL (the end) here, and the DUCK SOUP suggestion would've been a fun punchline! But this was plenty enough fun for me! Good stuff!

Nostalgia Kinky said...

Awesome Steve...thanks so much for those comments.

Anon. Thanks so much for those very nice words. It's funny because I almost included that shot of Caine from DRESSED TO KILL as it is so amazing. I was sorry to not include De Palma here.
As for NEON NIGHTS. It's obviously not a film for everybody but it has some truly brilliant moments in it. Cecil Howard was a terrific and quite a fascinating director...Thanks again!

Nostalgia Kinky said...

Thanks Dean,
I appreciate the nice comments. RAGING BULL was another I considered but I figured since the BOOGIE NIGHTS shot was a tribute to it I wouldn't include them both.
Thanks also for mentioning that shot of Shue from LEAVING LAS VEGAS as it is a real favorite.